Did Wedding Videography ‘Teacher’ Rob Adams Steal His Spiel From a Peer?

(Private Video — Use password “stolen”)

Often there’s a fine line between inspiration and theft. But watching side-by-side comparisons of wedding workshops conducted by videographers Adam Forgione and Rob Adams, it’s hard not to conclude there’s wholesale plagiarism going on.

Forgione, a well-established pro who co-founded Pennylane Productions and has helped train other shooters for years via workshops and instructional videos, recently posted the comparison video on Vimeo. He notes that Adams attended one of his workshops in 2011 and later purchased a companion DVD.

The video shows instance after instance of Adams dispensing advice, from how to pace video with the wedding music to smoothly incorporating guests into footage, in an almost word-for-word echo of Forgione’s spiel.

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Some of the ideas are pretty standard stuff for anyone in the business, but others are pretty original to Forgione. And in many cases, Adams’ wording and specific choices (right down to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” as an example of waltz time) are exact mirrors of what Forgione teaches.

Adams has yet to respond on any of the sites or Facebook pages he maintains for his video and teaching business, and he’s still scheduled to teach (with wife and business partner Vanessa Joy) at the January Imaging USA conference in Phoenix. Supporters at venues reporting the alleged theft aren’t exactly doing him favors, either. Sample defense theory: “Perhaps they read the same user manuals!!!”

If all of this sounds depressingly familiar, your probably thinking of star photographers Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon, outed, shamed and shunned this year for swiping marketing/inspirational copy from other sites.

(via SLR Lounge and Photo Stealers)

  • Fullstop is an idiot

    why do you post so many moronic troll coments?

  • Deadhead

    The influence stop the exact second that you decide to make a considered effort to steal some one elses material. This is not influence. Phish is influenced by Dead, i can tell the difference between a Phish song and a Dead song. Sorry.

  • Ferrell McCollough

    Yes I agree the producers are biters. Cannibalism and zombies – nothing original about that.

  • James

    Thanks for clarifying…I did not make the connection of Pennylane to Adam. Forgione…I amend my original statement to agree that Rob Adams did a no no

  • Fullstop

    Watch out everyone we got a bad ass! I’ve been commenting on petapixel long before you showed up with your temporary name buddy. Nice self up vote too btw. Go back to editing your wedding videos.

  • Cp

    Wow, someone rehashing information that is obvious to even non videographers. Way to witch hunt people. This site is irresponsible and is in danger of being held in contempt for malice slander and libel. Nothing in either worship is original, just the same old crap everyone has been doing for years. Way to pretend to be original ?

  • Cp

    To thieves liars- something only an ugly person says, sorry about your luck, I’m sure someone will love you.

  • Zhou

    I dont see anything wrong with this, if u dont want somebody to say what u said then never said it at the first time.

  • Josue

    Forgione is a great teacher. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about to someone who knows what he’s talking about. The Rob guy sounds like he is doing a book report and doesn’t have full command of the material. Best seen in his failed attempt at teaching basic music meter.

    This is a good example of how many people in the wedding video/photo industry operate. There are so many people working in that industry and the few great original photographers are copied constantly until something great and original they did becomes very hackneyed over time.

  • Josue

    I’m surprised this video hasn’t been taken down for containing copyrighted music.

  • speedr

    Adam’ Forgoine’s material was NOT freely available on the web. Adam’s wedding cinematography seminar and subsequent videos were available on a pay per view basis ONLY.

    Who cares who looked more engaging?, How does presentation make blatant plagiarism right?

    Vanessa Joy’s bio touts her as achieving 5 college degrees. Perhaps she should encourage Adam to take a few months off from his bogus seminars and take a class in ethics.

    Adam and Joy have created a wonderful, popular brand and are perceived as industry leaders and creatives in their field. Rob Adams passing Adam Forgione’s material off as his own is pathetic, especially to those who paid Rob to learn original, creative techniques from an industry LEADER, as well as Rob’s unique approach to his craft.

    I can only think that those that have feebly tried to defend Rob on this forum either are family members, Adams’ employees, or have absolutely no clue how to judge patent dishonesty when they see it.

    “Rob” – what an appropriate name.

  • speedr

    Seminar attendees PAID to view what they THOUGHT was original material from a supposed leader in the wedding cinematography industry. The ripped off material was not EMULATED by Rob, it was STOLEN and passed off as his own.