Is it Too Early to Resume In-Person Photography Events?

Since February 2020, the entire world has been experiencing what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. No country was spared, and here at home in the United States, we somehow managed to be one of the most infected countries on the planet. More than a year later, where do we stand?

Four Ways to Make Money With Timelapse Photography

Shooting timelapse is certainly a lot of fun, but trying to sell them and make money is an entirely separate story. So that leads to the question: how can you monetize the planning, time spent shooting, and the effort of editing hundreds or thousands of pictures into extra income or maybe a new career?

The 2020 Adobe 99U Conference Will Be Held Online, for Free

Adobe's annual 99U conference is usually an expensive, in-person event in New York City for creatives who want to get some hands-on education and inspiration from experts across artistic disciplines. But this year, the event is moving online, and it's going to be free for everybody.

How the Coronavirus Will Affect the Photo Workshops Business

I think it’s fair to say there’s growing anxiety that is accompanying the current coronavirus outbreak, and with seemingly more bad news on the hour, we really don’t know when this thing might bottom out. So if your business is in the photography workshop space like my company PhotoEducate is, you take notice.

My Guide for Attending Your First Photography Workshop

I have been a model for 1 to 1 workshops that last half a day, full day, two days. I have been a model also for a 3-day long workshop with over 50 photographers. Working on both sides of the camera I can get incredibly passionate about being part of workshops, but I can get equally distraught because when you deal with people in such close proximity and so intensively, emotions and feelings are bound to be stirred in every single direction.

The Awful Truth About Some Photography Workshops

When taking a photography workshop, it’s important to perform some due diligence to ensure you’re investing your money wisely. Whether you’re a brand new or seasoned photographer, one things holds true — if you belong to any website, photography Facebook group, or have photographer friends, you are likely to get bombarded on a weekly, maybe even daily, basis with educational opportunities and workshops.

Apple Stores to Offer Free 1-Hour Photo Workshops

Guess who's getting into the world of photography workshops? Apple.

That's right: the company wants people to be more adept at shooting photos with their iPhones and editing photos on their Macs, so it's now launching free 1-hour workshops on those subjects (and more) in its sleek Apple Stores.

7 Tips to Save You From Wasting Time and Money on the WRONG Photo Workshop

Note: I don’t name names in this article, but if you’ve been in the wedding industry for while, you will know who I am referring to. If not, you really do need to read this.

A photography industry workshop can be a fantastic way to learn and help your business grow. Industry leaders can share information that they have gathered over the years, distilling it that knowledge into a valuable seminar or workshop.

Great education can save time on the learning curve, and save you from making big mistakes. Unfortunately, for every great educator out there, there are 10 people who have absolutely no business teaching.

Have Camera, Will Travel: Fifty Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World

You could go alone to New Zealand, Mexico, Cuba, or wherever your wanderlust takes you, and bring your camera along for the trip -- hope to stumble upon the ‘photographic’ spots, and take some pictures you think might be good.

Or, you could sign up for an amazing, fully immersive photography workshop in an exotic locale with a pro photographer who knows the land, guides you to all the best spots, gives you feedback during critiques, and helps you edit your new travel portfolio along the way. We prefer the latter -- and after finding out about all the amazing photography courses happening all over the world this year, we had to share. Wherever and whatever your heart desires to go and photograph, there’s probably a workshop to guide you through it.

Spectacular Time-Lapse Born Out of 13,000 Miles and 10,000 Photos

The "quit your day job and go on the adventure you've always dreamed of" piece of advice is given so often as to almost be cliché. And yet, many of us are still blown away when someone actually finds the guts to do just that.

And, well, if they capture a time-lapse so gorgeous it gets National Geographic's attention in the process, all the better for us photography blog types.

There’s a Workshop for That

Once upon a time, in the days of old, when photographers still used those light sensitive plastic strips in the back of their large black cameras -- cameras with funny names like Hasselblad and Mamiya -- there were photography workshops. They are not a new invention. They've been around for a very long time. But, back in the days of film and cameras with odd names, these workshops were a little different.