Eight ‘Life in Focus’ Miniseries Episodes to Jumpstart Your Motivation

We introduced you to F-Stop Gear’s ‘Life in Focus’ miniseries when it first debuted back in April. Since then, eight more inspirational episodes of the series have aired, and since we neglected to share them one by one over the last eight months, we thought we’d share them all here as a sort of motivational kick in the pants to end the year on.

Fair warning: since these are all ‘F-Stop Pros,’ each episode does have a little bit of product placement in it, but we find that it doesn’t take away from the message that each photog seeks to share.

From the most recent episode featuring Adrian Klien (above) to the other seven featuring Brian Matiash, Scott Serfas, Christian Pondella, Lars Schneider, Jeff Curtes, Daniel Rönnbäck and Scott Markewitz, each has some advice, inspiration or (more often than not) both to offer as 2013 nears its end and you begin penning down your New Years resolutions for next year.

Klien takes you on a beautiful tour of the Pacific Northwest, Matiash talks motivation and HDR photography, Serfas shares his inspirational story, Pondella explains the importance of family and friends in keeping him grounded, Schneider tours the US in a vintage VW van, Curtes explains “the evolution of awesome,” Rönnbäck explores the photographer/athlete relationship and Markewitz shows off his relentless work ethic.

There really is something here for everyone:

To read more about each of the photographers above or take a closer look at their impressive portfolios, head over to the Life in Focus miniseries Web page where you’ll find detailed descriptions to go with each video, as well as links to all of the photographers’ websites.

And if outdoor and action/sports photography like much of what you see above is your thing, don’t forget to check out this list of 10 action/sports photographers you need to know put together by our own Alan Steadman.

  • photokit

    could you please add a woman photographer in the future. 8 out of 8 male.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Aye. Every project and/or series requires at least one woman, one black dude, and one Asian to meet the diversity requirements, yes?

  • grumpy broad

    what a stupid comment, if there are no females working there then there are no females, deal with it. not everything is an attack on your gender.

  • Coop

    I agree, I don’t know why it hard to end at 8 either :P

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Ridiculous. There are lots of great female photographers. I studied photojournalism at a university where we were 50/50 male and female students in all classes. And one of the female students has now won two prizes (gold and bronze) in the the College Photographer of the Year competition.

  • Jake

    So you need to ask why are there no female photographers working there? Is it because they don’t exist? I doubt it’s that simple.

  • Jake

    Obviously there are no diversity requirements, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a little mix so not every presenter is culturally homogenous. You know, in case a Latina woman wants to view these videos and find someone who more closely matches her background and life experiences. That kind of person would make a better role model/inspiration for her.

  • lolilol

    well they put a female in the snowboard video and she was so lame making that poor jump they decided to keep it between male… sorry.

  • olafs_osh

    what an irrelevant comment.

    also – potatoes.

  • grumpy broad

    i didn’t say there are no great female photographers, if you know how to comprehend what you read you’d see that i said perhaps there are none working for f-stop which would be why there are none in the videos.

  • Andrew

    Shooting this type of thing (i.e. hiking 20 miles to get shots) the people I run into also doing it are male. This isn’t a bias. It’s an observation. I’m sure there are women out there (there are a ton in the clubs I’m part of), but as far as I can tell, none of them are pushing at the extreme level. So, maybe instead of bitching, suggest someone female that works at this level. I’d love to see their work.

  • Andrew

    And to put it futherer out there… I look at a TON of landscape work online, self published, and I can’t think of a single woman who’s work I’ve seen and noted (I look at images first, then names/profiles). I’m not saying woman can’t or aren’t doing it. Maybe they just aren’t self promoting whores like men (which is what it takes to get noticed in a flooded industry)? Again, just an observation.

  • Lukas Prochazka

    I still dont get it :D

  • tron_

    i hope this is a troll comment. it doesn’t matter white, black, male, female, shemale, asian, whatever. we’re all photographers first and foremost.

  • tron_

    Also, these are awesome. Would be great to see more of this series (perhaps something longer and more in depth)