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‘Life in Focus’ Miniseries Sets Out to Tell Outdoor Photographers’ Stories


F-Stop Gear has decided to put together a miniseries of inspirational shorts about the pro photographers they sponsor. These f-stop pros are some of the best outdoor photographers in the business, and the company would like to give its fans some insight into the men and women behind the epic shots.

The series is called “Life in Focus,” and the first episode of this new series features action-sport photographer Tim Kemple. (Fair warning: he does curse a couple of times in the video)

If you’ve followed us for any appreciable amount of time, you’ve probably heard the name Tim Kemple at least once. Late last year we had the privilege of interviewing the well-known action-sport photographer, and earlier this month we shared a short documentary piece that showed him on assignment with some of the world’s best kayakers.


In this “Life in Focus” episode, he goes trekking with a professional hiker and an olympic skier through the mountains of Chamonix for a Black Diamond shoot. While capturing the athletes in their element (that is, anywhere outdoors), Kemple tells us the short version of how he got into photography and why he feels most at home when he’s somewhere far away.

For now this is the first and only installment of the series, but upcoming episodes will feature photographers Brian Mattiash, Scott Serfas, Scott Markewitz and Christian Pondella. To keep up with the series as it grows, head over to the ‘Life in Focus’ website by clicking here.

Life in Focus [F-Stop Gear via Fstoppers]