How to Instantly and Wirelessly Pull Photos into Lightroom as You Take Them

The ability to pull photos out of your camera and onto your computer wirelessly is an incredibly useful tool that many photographers use, but what if you could pull those photos instantly into Lightroom right there on-location? Well, it turns out you can, and it’s not all that complicated either.

In his latest blog post, photographer Benjamin Von Wong explains how Nikon and Canon users can do this using the popular CamRanger gadget and just a few quick settings adjustments on the computer side of things.

Basically, all you have to do is set the CamRanger to automatically download images into a folder of your choice as you take them, and then set up Auto Import in Lightroom using that same folder as the source.


And that’s it! Photos are immediately pulled into Lightroom as you take them so that you can crop, apply presets and show off closer-to-final shots to your clients right then and there.

(Note: You can also do this with an EyeFi card or really any system that lets you automatically send photos wirelessly to your computer, Von Wong just swears by the CamRanger as the most reliable method).

If you’d like to set this up for yourself, head over to B&H to pick up your own CamRanger, then either watch the video above and/or check out the full step-by-step guide with pictures over on Von Wong’s blog by clicking here.

  • harumph

    I thought the CamRanger was only compatible with iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Can I use it with my desktop computer too?

  • SiriusPhotog

    Apparently so but this ability to monitor is only available on a Mac according to their FAQ page. Not sure why it’s MAC only because I’m pretty sure the PC version of LR has the auto import feature from a monitored folder.

  • SiriusPhotog

    I just re-read the help page. Apparently it has nothing to do with LR but with the iOS CamRanger software.

  • harumph

    OK, thanks. It still seems to me that Eye-Fi is simpler and less cumbersome than CamRanger. And way cheaper.

  • SiriusPhotog

    Yeah, but I shoot with a 5DMII that only has a CF slot. Anyone know how well the EyeFi card works when used in a CF>SD adapter? I’ve heard differing reports.
    I have an original EyeFi card that I used to use in my 1DMII and it worked fine there. I’ve just never bothered purchasing the adapter to try it in my 5DMII.

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    It works, it’s just not reliable and the back end software is really not professional. I really don’t recommend it!

  • Leif Sikorski

    Didn’t tried it, but what I’ve heard it depends much on the adapter – some even removed some parts of the adapter to get a good result. The main issue seems to be that some adapters reduce the wifi signal strength too much or shield it completely.

  • Geoff

    Can you retitle this to ‘How to do wireless transfer images in an over convoluted way compared to methods perviously available for years”

  • Ricardo Janica

    What can i use to do the same with Sony Dslr and a Windows PC?

  • MarvinB7

    Cool, if you need wireless. I like tethered capture just as much/more.

  • crummett

    As mentioned, I’ve been doing this with iView and an EyeFi card for years from a camera that I can’t shoot tethered.

  • Andrew Smith

    For transferring photos wirelessly to my ipad while on location i just use the Eyefi card and open the eyefi app. The being able to take pictures thing with the ipad is pretty cool though.

  • John C.

    Yeah, because it takes too much time and effort to pull the images off the SD card. When did we become so lazy?


    Why do I hate this guy when all he wants to do is help? Oh I know. His hair.



  • MarvinB7

    Fine for snaps. Not so good for studio work. Tethered is extremely important in that scenario.

  • RyanGphoto

    I know this is old..but in no way is this instantly. It takes roughly 5-8 seconds depending on how big a file you are talking about with RAW files and also the eye-fi card is so unreliable it’s not even funny. Plus they don’t make a CF version nor will they and it doesn’t work at all with an adapter.