Denver TV News Anchor Goes Viral With Rant on Boring Snow Photos

On the off-chance you thought photo blogs had some kind of monopoly on rants about lazy and thoughtless photography practices, witness the majesty of Denver TV news anchor Kyle Clark in action.

Denver was hit by a major snowstorm last weekend. And, like clockwork, readers start showering Clark’s employer, NBC affiliate KUSA, with photos of snow… Sitting on top of their patio furniture… Doing nothing.

“Why is it that every time it snows, we whip out photos of our patio sets like we’re showing off baby photos of our kids?” Clark asked in an on-air editorial/rant that quickly went viral. “Is that really the best we can do?”

“We live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, but we point our cameras toward the back porch,” continues Clark. “Yes, everybody is impressed you have a four-piece set; we saw it at Costco, too.”


Clark went on to suggest that viewers expend a little more effort next time the powder flies. Try getting a person in the shot. Maybe that person could even be doing something, like winter sports or shoveling the driveway. Anything but static, mass-produced objects covered in varying levels of snowfall.

“I know why we take photos of snow-covered patio sets: It’s easy,” Clark concludes. “Point your camera out the window and click. Are we really the state that takes the easy way out? C’mon Colorado. We love winter. We own winter. So let’s see some photos that look like it next time it snows!”

Response to the piece was generally delighted (with a few exceptions), with photo dweebs especially appreciating the call for aesthetic sanity. Clark played along with the comic tone, Tweeting after last night’s soul-crushing Denver Broncos loss: “just want to go home and look at my secret stash of snow-covered patio pics.”

(via DIY Photography)

Image credit: Patio Furniture by tbridge

  • David Neitz

    I’m pretty sure people take photos like this to show the accumulation of snow during a storm. Not to show off patio furniture. Does this dude actually think a majority of people have a patio fetish? #humansaredoomed

  • Tommy Sar

    Yeah, but there are other, more interesting ways to show off the amount of snow.

    Like trudging through it. Showing a car teetering on a snow bank. Show little Mittens obscured and trapped in the snow.

  • bri

    *Drops his teeny mic

  • SAm

    yes, he actually thinks people have a patio fetish…. #not. he’s just making a point you idiot. laugh it off and move on

  • Aezreth

    Welcome to the wonderful world of crowd-sourced photojournalism.

  • Chris Malmberg

    Said the guy who photographed his snow-covered patio furniture.

  • Thomas

    The furniture photos give a better impression of the amount of snowfall, snowflake brain.

  • John Goldsmith


    Of course, the anchor could ask the news editor to ask the station manager to ask the national bureau editor to ask the VP to ask the company president to ask the CEO of NBC-Universal to hire more photographers so that this poor soul wouldn’t have to beg his audience each night to send in their content without getting any renumeration. Maybe then, if they paid for the work, people would be encouraged to submit more compelling photographs.

    Or, what Aezreth said; you can’t rightly gripe when you ask for free.

  • Donna Trussell

    Amusing rant, but the station should be thanking the UNPAID photographers that they bothered to submit ANY photograph.

  • Richard Lurie

    I have a feeling people are submitting without the station even asking.

  • ohhleary

    Well, this station isn’t owned by NBC (it’s an affiliate, owned by Gannett), and KUSA actually has some of the top news photographers in the business.

    The reason most stations “crowdsource” has very little to do with a lack of competent photographers. It engages viewers. If you get a few thousand people to send in pictures on the premise that they might show them on-air, those people will watch. And since, unfortunately, the news business is very much reliant on ratings, since it determines ad rates and ultimately revenue, this practice will probably continue… and ironically, could boost revenue enough to hire an extra competent photographer.

  • John Goldsmith

    Perhaps. I don’t know KUSA. I don’t dismiss your comment about crowdsourcing, however. But I would suggest most media companies would shift any revenue boost to the bottom line – and not hire another photographer. After all, the Chicago Sun-Times, after firing their entire photo staff, is now announcing they will bring some photographers back but only after the threat of lawsuit filed by the union.

    In any event, you get what you pay for.

  • matt jones

    it’s not exactly an off the cuff outburst of a rant, it’s a staged piece designed to attract attention, guess it worked, but boring.

  • Chris Lyn

    Like Tommy said, there are many other creative ways to show accumilation if that is what he requested. They could also take pics of it actually snowing too.

  • Dusty Studebaker

    The way he ended by unclipping and practically throwing his mic down was not only rude, but very unprofessional. He should be ashamed. As to the clip itself, it’s true- it is very true- aiming the camera out the window is a whole lot easier, and WARMER, than going out to look for a really good/appealing shot that shows the snow. What I find sad about it is that in Colorado they obviously don’t put their warmer weather gear up when it snows, potentially ruining a lot of it… take care of your stuff!

  • Brian Zuzulock

    I’m pretty sure you took it way to seriously.

  • Brendan Delany

    No, they don’t. A photo of someone trudging through the snow would be much more interesting and would represent the amount of snowfall much better.

  • Ralph Hightower

    What about a woman in a bikini sitting in patio furniture? Would that be acceptable to Kyle?

  • god jones

    he missed the point that contrasting colors and being so far off the ground give people a good idea of how much snow has come down. This got sad by the second minute realizing this guy completly missed common sense

  • Sterling

    If you look up you may just see this guy’s point going over.

    This is a local station. Everybody watching likely received the same amount of snow. They know how much it snowed without their neighbors documentary photos.

    “I know I spent an hour shoveling the stuff before I went to work and got stuck three times while driving but I really had no idea how much it snowed until I saw that photo of those people’s patio.”

  • Sid Ceaser

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! He dropped the mic when he was done! That made the whole thing. Viewers, YOU GOTZ SERVED!

  • Kris

    annnnnd it’s gone.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    viral…..? rant…? this article is hyperbole and just plain bs

  • Sascha

    Is there anything people in the US do not expect others to be ashamed of? Anything they don’t consider rude?

  • jim1061

    What a moron. Perhaps he should offer something for better photos rather than expect them for nothing… whattadick

  • Videre Licet

    Standing outside and taking mindless photos of the snow-covered back porch beats the hell out of sitting inside on a sofa and watching some TV airhead spouting mindless commentary.

    Mr. Kettle, meet Mr. Pot…

  • Anthony Harden

    The tiny mic drop was the best part of the whole piece. Have you no sense of humor? :)

  • Thomas Casey

    Pay for the pictures, then you can complain.

  • Barry Kidd

    I agree with the guy. It’s nice that the guy was trying to make a joke but be serious at the same time. I bet they do get sick of trudging through the these old crap day in and day out looking for an image that is suitable.

    In truth they are most likely just showing the stacked up snow but get real. Borring! Do something fun. Show something fun!

  • Superyards

    I find it funny that so many people want pictures of their patio furniture. I think they are trying to give a sense of snow build up more than anything

  • Always Moving & Relocation

    Well when you solicit user generated content your bound to get some things you don’t like, comes with the territory.