Adobe Opens Up CC Photography Bundle to Everyone for a Limited Time


When Adobe officially announced its special Creative Cloud plan/bundle for photographers, there was a catch: you had to own Photoshop CS3 or above in order to qualify for the special $10/month pricing. Well, no more. For a limited time, Adobe is lifting that restriction and making the special bundle available for everyone.

In case you didn’t read our previous coverage, here’s what you get when you sign up for the Photoshop Photography program, as it’s called: Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB of online storage, a Behance ProSite, access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources and ongoing upgrades and updates.


Of course, there is still one catch. This isn’t a month to month plan, it requires that you sign up for 12 months at a time. Still, it’s a pretty solid promotion for those who use the Adobe suite of products only for photographic purposes, and that price will never go away as long as you continue renewing before your year is up.

Those who don’t have CS3 or above will want to jump on this, as the offer is only valid until December 2nd. If you do have CS3 or above don’t worry, the original promotion isn’t going anywhere. It seems this is just Adobe’s way of warming up to a slightly disgruntled user base coming up on the holidays.

If you have any questions about the program, head over to Adobe’s FAQ page by clicking here. Alternatively, if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and sign up, you can do so at this link.

  • olidie

    True but right now PS and ACR fits my workflow perfectly. So changing the raw converter will force me to expand my workflow from two programms (Photo Mechanic und PS) to three since I will most likely still use PS to run some final actions over each picture (size, sharpness, contrast…).

  • Burnin Biomass

    Just making sure you noticed that I didn’t write the second “snarky” comment.

  • Chris Petersen

    Pirating their software is the immature response. If you don’t want to play their game, then support the competition. If you use a Mac, get yourself a copy of Pixelmator. If not, I’m sure there are a bunch of alternatives out there — even the free Gimp isn’t so bad once you get used to the fact that it’s not Photoshop. In Adobe’s defense, $10-20/month is a lot easier for many people/businesses to stomach than a single up-front cost of $650+.

  • stevengrosas

    Just download it through a site with a serial number, and you never have to pay a thing.

  • stevengrosas

    Yup and that is how I have gotten all my software including light room 5.

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • smcilree

    If you have a newer version of Photoshop and are waiting until December 31 to make up your mind about moving to CC, think again. Per a chat with Adobe Customer Service the $9.99 sign up by December 2 is now the only deal on the table. It was pointed out that having a registered copy of CS6 doesn’t make me up to date, CC is the current version. So those of us who have be faithful customer are now being thrown in with the folks who have never before purchased a copy. Take it or leave it.

    I would also like to point out something to those who wish to continue getting their Photoshop from pirate sites. The hackers who stole the 150 million Adobe customer’s information also grabbed the source code for some Adobe software at the same time. That means that some pretty good coders have the ability to distribute very genuine looking Adobe programs with very nasty malware hidden inside.

  • Nick

    And it is not available for everyone…cannot get it in South Africa :((

  • csmif

    I have chosen other means to get ALL this software

  • Scott M.

    Behance seems to be some kind of “sharing” thing online. So, if I take a really nice photo and use CC to process I can have the whole community stealing my image?

  • Brendan Delany

    Have you had trouble using any plugins? Some restrict use if the serial number you are using is known to be pirated.

  • Scott M.

    People like you are why Adobe went to renting instead of selling. Once again, the makers pay for the takers.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    They are desperately fighting tooth and nail trying to get users to jump into the subscription model. If we can just hold out a little longer and not sign up for software rentals for maybe one more year, they will have to change course and go back to fair software licensing.

    Their recent moves smell of desperation. Don’t give in.

  • David Robin

    CC is a horrible business model for artists and pros. Holds your photography hostage with never-ending subscription and price increases whenever Adobe needs to raise revenue for their shareholders. BTW I’m wondering how long they will charge only $10 when they get everyone on the hook. MY guess is not long before they start raising the ransom.

  • David Robin

    Exactly Dan. I’ve never been an advocate of ripping off copyright but when Adobe begins to flex its monopolistic muscle in this way…all bets are off. Go Gimp!

  • David Robin

    Missing the point Chris. Short-term thinking is never a good doctrine for any business. Ownership is far better for a small business in the long term than endless rental payments coupled with arbitrary rental increases. Basic math. Not to mention Adobe’s recent huge security breach where 2.9 million customers’ financial information was stolen.

  • David Robin

    LOL Jake! Nice.

  • David Robin

    Exactly Antonio.

  • David Robin

    Are you kidding?! Use math much?

  • Tagnal

    So, I’ve been subscribed to CC for a single app for 13 months now (photoshop). An hour ago, I called the customer support and asked if I could change my plan to this limited time offer for $9.99/month. She said “Absolutely.” So, now I’m paying half of what I originally was and I also get LR 5, though I think I’ll just stick with my current LR 4 for now for performance.

    So yes, even if you aren’t in your 30 day window, you can still transfer to this plan.

  • Mike Newton

    Wow, that’s great to hear. I’m impressed Adobe let you into the new pricing 13 months in.

  • Dover

    If you went to Creative Cloud and only use two of their major programs, you made a mistake. And remember, it was you that made the mistake.

  • roxics

    Great. Now release a Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade – Video bundle for $9.99 a month. I’ll take both bundles.

    It’s one thing for a company to pay $50 a month for a master collection license when they are making money off the work they produce using it. But it’s another for an individual to foot that kind of bill for casual use of those applications as a hobby.

  • Stanojev

    I agree with the “what happens after two years” view, but realistically, do we actually ever “own” software? Sure, you can use older versions for as long as your current PC / laptop can run it, but most software upgrades become paid upgrades after a few years. So you buy a $600 application, create all these files in it, then have to upgrade in 3 years to keep current (and in some cases your older files no longer work). You buy a new PC and it won’t run on it anymore so you update, then your files aren’t compatible, etc… The only way around this is to keep upgrading sowftare and updating your files, then you’re buying a new PC every 4-5 years, new OS, all new software updates every couple of years, etc… So it actually works out the same in the long run. Case in point: I “own” Emagic Logic 4.8 which I paid $2200 for back when it first came out. I have all these nice discs, boxes and books that came with it sitting on a shelf. Fast forward 10 years and Apple now owns Logic and charges $200 for it. They just released Logic Pro X and now I have to pay $200 to upgrade to it again. Meanwhile, I don’t have anything that will still run my $2200 version that I still “own” because this was pre OSX (OS9). And even if I did, it doesn’t do half the things I need it to today and none of the old files work in Pro X anyway.

    So my point is, it’s technology, not a car or a house. All the moving parts around it are going to evolve / change / need to be updated and you are going to have to keep paying your way through the cycle to maintain / relevantly use it. As long as the “fee” keeps getting lower, that can only be a good thing…

  • Sylvain Collin

    Well I joined. A month ago. Good think I have a PC, otherwise with my MAC… Unable to load that stupid CC, and I have been on with a Adobe Tech form about 6 hours s far, and still not working!!! Great help they are, and going on my fourth week!!! Good luck Apple users!!!!

  • Taint SEPA

    They must be getting desperate because customers aren’t following them into the subscription insanity. They wouldn’t be the first company to abandon the subscription model shortly after introducing it.

  • light-headed

    I own LR4 and CS5. I think I own them at a costs of around $600 on “special offers”. I have already far exceeded reasonable investment for my usage as a enthusiast level non commercial photographer. I have curtailed my efforts at learning to use them.
    I can not afford to spend more effort learning to use Adobe software when the long term prospect of me being willing to pay for access is so sketchy. The $9.99/mo is a good deal, but there is no guarantee it has legs. When pricing normalizes to what they initially wanted to charge, the model for their business going forward…..
    Count me out.

  • Thomas

    Looks like the $9,99 a month, is only for US customers. Here in Denmark/Europe, they are charging $16,50 !!!!! Well… F^%k you very much, Adobe !!

  • APai

    why do i have the gnawing feeling that my information is safer with a bunch of noobs than with adobe ? why do i keep getting emails from all the services saying your adobe id was scrwed, so please change your password ? this isnt first adobe was caught napping. looks like they were busy flogging their user base to open up to subscription model.

  • Ch4t3auz

    I am a photographer and in June 2013 I decided to join the newly launched Creative Cloud single application subscription program for Photoshop CC.

    At the same time I purchased a Lightroom standard license (Lightroom was not available on the Creative Cloud at that time).

    The monthly price for Photoshop CC with a one year commitment was 24,59 Eur for Europe (I live in Czech Republic). I didn’t quite understand how that translates from the 19,99 USD of the US subscription, but fair enough Adobe is not a charity and they have the right to decide to charge what they want for their products. Plus the subscription prices were clearly showed on their website, so I decided to join anyway.

    Honestly I was very happy both with Photoshop and Lightroom and I think they are two fantastic pieces of software so I didn’t mind the price I paid for them.

    Then a few months after I get a call from my bank saying that my card has been blocked because it might have been compromised following some online payments I made. And after a little research I find out that (citing the Adobe website) “Very recently, Adobe’s security team discovered sophisticated attacks on our network, involving the illegal access of customer information as well as source code for numerous Adobe products. We believe these attacks may be related.

    Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems. We also believe the attackers removed from our systems certain information relating to 2.9 million Adobe customers, including customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders.


    Great, now I am for two weeks without card while my bank gets me a new one (they are not that fast in Czech Republic).

    Fortunately I also read online that (citing the Adobe website) ”Adobe is also offering customers, whose credit or debit card information was involved, the option of enrolling in a one-year complimentary credit monitoring membership where available.”.

    I thought that was very nice of Adobe, they didn’t have to do it, and to me it showed an effort to say “we are sorry” and try to retain their customers’ trust.

    However some time passes and I am still getting charged monthly for my subscription.

    So I contact Adobe through the online chat…..turns out that I am not eligible for the one year complimentary subscription but after a bit of complaining and waiting online I get offered a one month complimentary subscription!?!?!.

    You can make up your own mind on how to interpret that but to me that meant that Adobe recognized their responsibility but tried everything possible to get rid of me with the minimum possible.

    The guy on the chat however said that if I am not satisfied I can ask him to escalate.

    I do so and he tells me that I will be contacted within 2-3 business days.

    A week after I have not been contacted yet, so I call the support again and I am told that they are very sorry for not getting back to me and I will be (again) contacted within 2-3 business days.

    TWO weeks after that chat I finally get a mail from Adobe, which is now offering me 2 months complimentary subscription.

    I realize I better take what they give me so I reluctantly accept.

    Not even a week after that, I realized that Adobe launched a new Photoshop Photography program where they give the Photoshop CC license + Lightroom 5 for 9.99 USD or 12.29 Eur with a yearly commitment. This is half what I pay now, not even considering the one off Lightroom 5 license that I already paid (129.15 Eur). The special offer expires on the 2nd December (less than a week from now at the time of writing this).

    The good news is that existing CC subscribers can ask to transfer to this program for free.

    So I contact the Adobe support again and they happily confirm that I can switch to the new program.

    BUT I would lose the 2 free months as they cannot be transferred to the new program because it is already discounted.

    I spend a good deal of effort explaining that the 2 free months are not a discount but are a compensation for me being without card for 2 weeks so I should be able to retain them, but the support person on the other side of the chat just politely dismisses every argument.

    I understand that Adobe did not have to allow existing subscriptions to transfer to the new offer for free, I purchased a service and then a few months after the price went down, fair enough this happens.

    If the price went up on the other end I would have still kept my original price.

    However what infuriates me is that since any existing subscriber can join the cheaper offer, Adobe has actually penalized me in front of all the other customers and the reason why they have penalized me is that my data have been compromised on their servers.

    You draw your own conclusions but to me this is very bad customer service and Adobe is not keeping their own statements made purely for PR purposes.


    I have been considering the CC 9.95 deal as everywhere it says the price will not change if I renew by the end. However, when I went to sign of the parts says


    “The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that, we’ll renew your contract automatically, at the then-current price of the offering, unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.”

    So, it appears it is only good for l year,,,not like I have read. Anyone know about this?

  • Mike Conlin

    and you get the newest version every year