Miranda Kerr Feels the Internet’s Wrath for Posting Photoshopped Pic to Instagram


Victoria’s Secret model, mother, and wife to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom (for now… I’m still hopeful) Miranda Kerr landed in some seriously hot water with the Internet-at-large recently after posting a clearly Photoshopped photograph of herself to her Instagram account.

The photo was actually a repost, which is one of the main reasons it was identified as a ‘shop job so quickly. Last year, an unaltered version of the same photo was posted to the account after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, garnering over 61,000 likes from fans blown away by the fact that Kerr had managed to get in that kind of shape just a year after having son.

This is that photo (Miranda Kerr is the one in the middle):


This year, Kerr politely declined to walk in the show (which aired earlier this week) in order to focus on her business affairs. She did, however, decide to post the same photo with a message of encouragement and support for her fellow ‘angels’ ahead of the show.

Only one problem… that photo looked like this:


The Internet was immediately caught between rage and confusion, with fans requesting an explanation and detractors tearing into her via the comments. It wasn’t until today that an explanation finally arrived, however.

Once the outrage reached critical mass, Kerr took to Instagram to explain herself. She replaced the photo with the original and captioned the new post by saying:

Hi guys, here is the original VS image! When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls I screen grabbed it off the internet when I was working in Japan. I had no idea it was Photoshopped. All good intentions — sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show!

Whether or not this fixes everything is still being debated by fashion blogs and their ilk, as they point to other photos that they claim to be Photoshopped. But whatever the case is, attitude towards ‘shopped photos, in particular those that are obviously altered, seems to be growing more hostile each day.

(via Business Insider)

  • Christian DeBaun

    Maybe I’m blind, but I’m not seeing a difference between the 2 shots. I also have no idea which woman I’m supposed to be looking at (yes, I live under a popular media rock).

  • Rob Elliott

    the one that suddenly has a super tiny waist.

  • Yogomo

    I also can’t see the difference.

  • Yogomo

    Oh google it, look at the middle girl, her waist is slimmer.

  • DLCade

    @christiandebaun:disqus and @5a8ace5572dd11b31361c6fed86b58fb:disqus sorry for the confusion! We’ve added a bit of text so that people unfamiliar with Miranda Kerr know which of the three she is :)

  • Dave Wilson

    People need to calm the hell down! To get into a rage over this is just stupid.

  • Suz

    Seriously…how could she not know that she wasn’t THAT thin? There’s a huge difference between looking natural and thin and unnaturally thin.

  • Omar Salgado

    I agree: to talk about this is just plain stupid.

  • Dan Howard

    Call me stupid, but I prefer her in the unphotoshopped one. I like my women healthy with a side of gravy.

  • Will Mederski

    A photo of a model is photoshopped?

    Personally, I don’t do ‘shopping.
    But, from the perspective of a model, and the professional modeling industry generally, I would see this as a good thing.
    This means that a model and actually live a normal life, have a child, and continue to make a living as a model.

    I’ve worked with models, and it always irks me how after a certain age, and certainly after having a child, most are thrown to the curb.

  • Jonas N

    Models are probably not the best people to ask about a good body image.

  • lisa

    honestly….who cares? Why do people get in a rage over this kind of stuff?

  • Will Mederski

    “the internet lied to me!” :(

  • Matias Gonua

    People’s indignation, expressed over the internet, without any effort means nothing. They rethink a lot of things themselves and get their priorities sorted out better.

  • Guest

    Dear Site Owners,
    No one cares. Please don’t pollute such a great resource with such trivial content.

  • dannybuoy

    Her figure is much more attractive than the shopped one. It’s crazy as she’s still really slim in the original.

  • Tzctplus -

    Because it perpetuates an stupid and demented attitude about female body shape. Girls aspire to be like many of these women, which is impossible when the role models are inhuman. This leads to frustration and insecurities, as well as pressure from males to conform in as much as possible to those idiotic media induced aspirations.

  • Tzctplus -

    Well, that is the problem. People perfectly good looking and attractive changed to suit a sick aesthetic promoted most of modern mass media.
    It is important if people demonstrate against this practice. It sends a message to people in the media, although best message would be one that hits where it hurts the most: their pockets

  • Mel

    Wow, a bikini model is vain. Who would have guessed?

  • Sarah BK

    The unedited version of her figure is perfect beyond words – why someone even felt the need to photoshop it is beyond my understanding… It made it so much less flattering…

  • Michael S

    Says two men who must not live or date women or have daughters. If you did, you’d know how much of a big deal this is.

  • jane

    Have a cookie.

  • Michael S

    ? She changed the photo back to the original. That means a lot. now people may think twice before doing major photoshop work on pics and perpetuating awful stereotypes that women can’t live up to.

  • Bart

    I wasn’t really sure where to look, so went for the various wonderlands.

  • Chris Pickrell

    Instead of complaining that the world doesn’t cater to how you want your daughters to be raised, why don’t you do your job mister daddy man and raise your kids to be better than that?

    Stop blaming everyone else.

  • Ballookey Klugeypop

    Oh please, she found it on the Internet? Some quick searching shows that IF the doctored image existed, it would have been VERY hard to find. And was it coincidence that SHE was the only one to have been slimmed down in the version she posted?

    She looked absolutely fine and gorgeous in the original, the fool.

  • Omar Salgado

    Stop making assumptions over people’s life; you look childish. On the other side, talking about this as if it were a great event, is stupid, but that does not mean the ones talking about this are stupid.

    It is no big deal as long as it concerns that famous girl.

    Do you want to know what’s a big deal? It is how power models our minds to produce and reproduce patterns of behaviour, consumption and acceptance of what is considered “in” and what is considered “out”. Clearly, photoshopping is not the problem, and never will be, not in the first place, because in doing that action, what lies behind is what really matters: photoshopping follows the dictates not of fashion or beauty, but of the tendency towards consumption (don’t you forget you live in a capitalist world). That reflects on the stereotypes of beauty aimed at society, which young people receive and replicate, imitate. I now may think what worries you.

    I sitll hold my initial point: it is useless and stupid to talk about THIS (the photoshopping of the waist of that famous girl), but not about WHAT lies behind.

    There’s a lot written about the role of commerce and the role assumed by context of photography, and that’s why I think the promotion of this publication falls in a sort of superficial redundance, if not self promotion by that girl.

    I could date your wife if I could.


  • edlau

    It took me forever to see the difference. Mostly because…that’s not where I was looking the whole time.

  • Jake

    I think she’s pretty emaciated, even in the original. I wouldn’t classify most supermodels as healthy with a side of anything besides cotton balls soaked in juice.

  • Bristol

    28 comments and 3 downvotes for you from other people who apparently do care. But sure, “no one.” Way to speak for the masses.

  • Sawed

    That’s what you call “with a side of gravy”? Your perception sounds like its on track with the unreal expectation this perpetuates.

  • Jack

    No amount of Photoshop could ever make Miranda Kerr not boring.

    I look forward to this being front page news in Australia for the next six months. Until Nicole Kidman does something equally uninteresting and bumps it to page 3.

  • Jack

    If you really can’t see the difference, I’d probably suggest visiting an optometrist.

    (get someone else to drive you there, though)

  • Jack

    Is anyone really in a rage? Like, honestly?

    Or is it just internet media outlets telling you that people are ‘in a rage’/outraged/etc to get you to click butan for viewcount++?

  • herzco

    “The Internet was immediately caught between rage and confusion”

    Wow, I totally understand, especially since there is *nothing else* currently to be worried about, like thousands of people dead in the Philippines etc etc.

  • MS

    Not only did she make herself skinny, but she also made the other girls “thicker”.

  • superduckz

    Yeah, mostly that I’d imagine.

  • superduckz

    Compared to some of the ridiculous examples out there (Remember Demi Moore with a waist smaller than her head?) this seems like VERY small potatoes. But whatever I hate to get in the way of people and their manufactured rage.

  • superduckz

    Man I can see why someone felt this was necessary. She’s just freaking hideous in that first image. It just SCREAMS for help. Might have destroyed her career! and that Camel Toe! Blech!

  • lidocaineus

    It’s a fallacy to argue that because one thing is happening you cannot consider other things.

  • InTheMist

    Because little girls are sticking their finger down their throat and literally starving themselves to death because they think they need to be as skinny as some of these altered girls – which is physically impossible.

  • Tired of you

    Yeah, and tens of thousands of girls with eating disorders. Grow up.

  • WKYA_Radio

    blind, son. BLIND.

    ps- its easy to spot

  • WKYA_Radio

    two words- manufactured outrage

  • Endy Photo

    I agree, Omar. Talking about this is a waste of time. Giving stuff like this face time is what makes our young girls as concerned with unrealistic expectations in the first place. Here’s to the ladies ignoring pop culture and Hollywood’s expectations and to the guys being clear that wife-of-skelator isn’t all that attractive. ;)

    This is no great event, it’s some celebrity who was Photoshopped skinny. It’s as real a person as a Dixie cup.

  • Pablo

    I’m not even sure why they felt the need to Photoshop her. She is way better looking in the unaltered one.

  • Phase19


  • Fenix Fotography

    Does anyone care that she just “grabbed the photo off the internet” and published it. Just because she is in it doesn’t mean she has any rights to it.

  • Alvin Nashif Magarang

    I also can’t see the difference until someone said it since people don’t have the idea about the photo …

  • Tim Kern

    Yes, that does fix everything. Everyone else needs to get a life.