Dogs Shaking Off Water, Captured in Super Slow Motion

We first shared photographer Carli Davidson’s ridiculously cute SHAKE series back in 2011 before it had gone quite so viral. This week, her high-speed photographs of dogs making hilarious faces while shaking off water have been released in book form, accompanied by the above super slow motion video of the puppies in action.

The idea behind SHAKE came to Davidson after countless hours of having to clean her dog Norbert’s saliva off of the walls after he would go through his own shaking ritual. Thus was born the photo series, viral Internet fame and, ultimately, the Shake Book that is packed full of adorable high-speed photos of different dogs mid-shake.

Here are just a few of those photos:

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

The video is another story entirely. After stumbling across Davidson’s SHAKE series online, the folks at production company Variable just HAD to get in touch with her and see if she would agree to bring these photos to life somehow.

An enthusiastic agreement, a good bit of out-of-pocket money and a borrowed Phantom Flex later, you get super slow motion footage that fills in the frames the book/photo series necessarily leaves out.

To find out more about the SHAKE series or pick up the photo book for yourself (or a loved one… after all, the Holiday season is upon us) head over to Davidson’s website or the Shake Book website by following the corresponding links.

Image credits: Photographs by Carli Davidson

  • Monteraz


  • Carlos Fandango

    Thanks for your valuable contribution

  • Lynda Bowyer

    These look like they were super fun to shoot. It’s great to see fresh expressions in photographic genre – and these are an amazing slant on the traditional “pet portrait”. Well done, Carli :)

  • 434234

    why not cats?

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    why not cats?

  • egs

    Water in the dogs ears to induce shaking. Not cool.

  • sdasdasd

    looks like a normal portrait session…..

  • 43432423

    shut up moron.. nobody but water in their ears.

  • flatulenzs

    please stop eating meat when you are so concerned!
    otherwise you are just a hipocryte.

  • Hans

    seen this far too often. also: “meh”.

  • lidocaineus

    What does this even mean?

  • Luziferh

    use you brain for a second you may get it.
    if someone is so concerned about water in dogs ears… he should be even more concernerd about killing animals and eating them.. capice?

  • derr

    yeah every time you look at your mother i guess…..

  • Skooooo Doggie

    I liked it better when the French Digital Collective know as Pleix executed this concept better in 2006 as a Music Video for Vitalic known as “Birds”. Google it.

    Not fresh nor original. But please check out the Original: “Birds” by Pleix.

  • lidocaineus

    Your comment still makes no sense; you are comparing eating meat with water in the ear something he didn’t even say, and wouldn’t make sense as a comparison if he did say it. And what if he WAS a vegetarian? Then what?

    I will chalk it up to you clearly not having English as your first language.

  • kelly hofer

    I am never getting dogs. Gross

  • Nat


  • Nat

    I thought it was super cute and beautiful and all these silly haters who have something to say about it being unoriginal or “meh”, can you do any better than that? no? then shut up. And water in dogs ears to make them shake? that doesn’t harm them and at least their ears get cleaned like this.

  • Bowlsen

    Electronic musician Vitalic did this several years ago making a slow-mo dog video incorporating laser beams for a work called “Birds”. If you enjoyed this, then hit YouTube up for a second serve.

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