19-Year-Old’s Flickr Photo Leads to Maroon 5 Album Cover and Big Time Photo Career

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You can worry all you want about photos being stolen via Flickr, but maybe someone will like your photo enough to buy it… and put it on the cover of a platinum-selling rock album… and boost you overnight from the fuzzy border of hobbyist/professional to a high-profile career as a portrait and fashion photographer.

At least that’s how it worked for Rosie Hardy, a young English photographer who started to learn how to use a camera when she was 15 so that she could come up with a decent shot for her Myspace profile.

Lo and behold, she discovered she enjoyed the process, started getting more serious, began experimenting with equipment, lighting and poses and started sharing some striking environmental portraits on Flickr.

Photography remained a hobby for Hardy, however, until 2010. At the time, megaband Maroon 5 had finished recording its album, “Hands All Over,” and needed an image for the cover.

A Flickr search on the title turned up Hardy’s enigmatic image of a female torso (hers) with multiple hands wrapped around it. The band’s management contacted the then 19-year-old Hardy, who did an easy re-shoot incorporating the band’s suggestions and soon had her image on display all over the world.


Before long, she was getting hired for major gigs, including a fashion shoot for Elle and high-concept promo shots of  “The X Factor” performers.

In her Flickr Moment, Hardy says that working with celebrities is a blast, “but at the same time, I just love photography. And that is still there. The 16-year-old girl who loved taking pictures, that’s still me… So as long as I’m shooting, as long as I’m taking pictures, I will be happy.”

(via The Flickr Blog)


    Fantastic news & imaginative work, I’m so happy for her.

  • Nobo Griffin

    Erhm, who would thumbs down that kind of comment?

  • bmassao

    Someone jealous enough because it isn’t his/her photos.

  • Ryan

    Old news…

  • Anna Henson

    There’s a lot of a55holes on this site.

  • Jernej Lasič

    New asshole…

  • edwqeqwe

    envy a**holes are the worst….

  • Yeah

    So a young good looking woman that photographs young and good looking women has become successful at photographing young and good looking women, big deal.

  • ennuipoet

    To be fair, her work is actually GOOD. I can accept the inherent unfairness of it so long as her work is good.

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  • Matej

    Or maybe someone just clicked down by accident.

  • Ryan

    You have a new asshole? That’s really weird.

  • ccccc

    with my nex a7 i can do better

  • Yeahindeed

    Everyone photographs young and good looking women, well at least those who like to make money do, people complain about it, but that is what just about everybody wants to see.

  • Yeah

    If you want to take glamorous pictures of pretty women being one of them makes everything much more easy, it’s not about being good.

  • ScorpionGeorge

    So you’re saying that good looking models is what makes a photographer? There are plenty of beautiful women out there. If that was the case, then we’d probably all be successful fashion photographers. However, beautiful women is not what makes a photographer. There are also a lot of ok women that have been captured amazingly. It’s not the women, it’s the photographer.

  • Thomas Casey

    I hope she has an agent otherwise they might take advantage of her and not pay the full rate.

  • Colby

    You guys who leave comments about how terrible people are, and how much better you are, should leave links to your portfolios. Pride is gross.

  • Yeah

    You also forgot that it’s not the gear it’s the photographer, but delusional people still buy 5Ds like if they were iPods.

    I’m saying that she has had the luck of being her own model and having good looking people willing to pose for her without the constraints of having to pay them on an hourly basis trying to achieve the desired results.

  • Mike


  • Daniel Hine

    She’s pretty good at editing too. If you look it up there’s a quick ‘speed art’ style video of her using GIMP.
    I do like her imaginative style

  • Vince Nicoll

    all credit to her, wish her the best of luck

  • Nedine Backman O’Brien

    It should be illegal to be that good while still that young! Well done to Rosie, her work speaks for itself and I wish her nothing but success. You go girl!

  • james kennedy

    wow, spare the negativity people, if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything!
    Looks are irrelevant! talent, creativity, ability and dedication are what matter and she clearly has the lot! good for her that she caught a break in such a heavily swamped industry.

  • Sarah älskar Sverige

    Oh yay Rosie! :) I remember she was one of the first people I added on Flickr back in early 2009. So lovely to see this article and knowing how far she has come!

  • passingby

    Watch out Aaron Nace, she’s taking over! hahaha!
    fyi. she used to be @aknacer ex gf. ;)

  • scaredofpandas

    That is too many right hands. Seriously, 3 right hands and 1 left hand. It is disjarring. But congrats to her.

  • Helo

    yes, but have you? can we see a link?

  • Helo

    …and if you had the same luck, you wouldn’t act on it because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the working photographers out there who do have to pay and hourly basis? Please.

  • aira javin romana

    her art was absolutely fantastic