Lomography Releases ‘Experimental Lens Kit,’ Turns MFT Shooters into Toy Cameras


Great news, Micro Four Thirds shooters — you no longer need Instagram filters and the like to make your photos look… how shall we put this… distressed.

That’s because toy camera powerhouse Lomography has just released an arsenal of plastic lenses that can add multiple-exposure, fisheye, color tint and other effects to previously ordinary shots.

Here’s a quick video intro to the new, “Experimental Lens Kit”:

The Experimental Lens Kit consists of three Micro Four Thirds-mount lenses: a fixed-aperture 160-degree fisheye, a 12mm wide-angle and a 24mm standard lens.

In addition to the plastic lens aesthetic and optical effects the lenses provide, each lens also comes equipped with a mechanical shutter for taking multiple exposures. All you have to do is leave the shutter on the camera open, and open/close the lens to get multiple perspectives in the same frame.

Lomography is particularly proud of that little feat, claiming that this is “the first lens kit in the world which allows you to take real, optical multiple exposure snapshots using digital cameras.”

Here are a few sample shots:







Each lens includes a slot for the color filters that come with the kit. The filters apparently allow you to change hues by inserting color gels.

So while you may say what you will about Lomo’s build quality and haphazard aesthetic effects, this sounds like an awful lot of creative options (see sample images above) for $90.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Sweet. I can’t wait to take even more artistic shots of cats, food, and my fellow non-conformist friends.

  • Mike

    Non-conform more, by buying MOAR!

  • scottag

    There’s an app for that. ;-)

  • robin

    148 sgd for this??… they make fun stuff that nice with a rip off price…

  • Fernando

    What the hell is this? What about all that “analog-shit” they supposed to promote?

  • greenarcher02

    This actually sounds fun and would go so perfectly with that new GM1

  • The G

    It’s just meant to be fun, stop being so snobby!

  • Cannikon DMark42s

    Oh you, with your high end dslr taking cliche shots of nature, portrait, “street”, train tracks, light painting, time-lapse, brick walls, fog, wedding, and all the other subjects that have been shot to smithereens.

  • Mike

    And your point is? Using a pre -ruined lens will lower the cliche factor?

  • Christian Bartsch

    a lense doesnt make any “retro” to a digital photo. its just makes a bad digital photo. “retro look” was or is achieved by the combination of emulsion and or paper and chemnisty.. i liked the idea of lomography and their products but now with that petzval lense and these cups the whole idea is getting ridiculously stupid..

  • naoruca

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  • DSLR Video Studio

    Panasonic and Olympus and MFT or M4T will definitely have fun with these.