The Beastgrip Lets You Add SLR Lenses & Accessories to Almost Any Smartphone


There are all kids of systems for clamping a lens onto a phone, but few are as versatile as the Beastgrip, a Kickstarter project about halfway to delivery stage. Not only will the gadget work with just about any smartphone, it’ll also adapt lenses and other accessories you may already have for your SLR.

The rig consists of a sliding frame that will securely clamp your phone into position so its lens is lined up with the Beastgrip’s 37mm threaded lens mount. From there, it’s up to your gear bag, wallet and imagination.

Properly sized conversion lenses and filters will work well with little modification. Throw in enough step-down rings and/or depth-of-field adapters, however, and you can work with one of the prime lenses you already have for your SLR. The project page shows compelling results using fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and macro lenses.

Here’s the project’s Kickstarter video:

But Vadym Chalenko, the Chicago-based inventor of the Beastgrip, didn’t stop at adapting glass to your phone. The rig also includes five standard quarter-inch threaded mounts and a cold-shoe for securing a tripod, speed lights and any other accessory that will fit.

With enough gear and desire (and hopefully some necessity) you can turn your phone into something that looks like this:


The Beastgrip’s modular design has allowed Chalenko to get pretty far prototyping with a 3D printer, but he needs $25,000 to get to production phase. With 24 days left he’s raised just over $11,000 of that and seems to be well on his way to making this a reality.

To find out more of get one of your own, head over to the Beastgrip Kickstarter. A pledge of $70 and up will put you first in line once production starts, and Chalenko expects to have the first Beastgrips in customers’ hands by February.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • rz67

    Oh my.

  • Renato Murakami

    I was going to talk crap about it but you know what? Nokia 1020 grip is about 60 bucks (though it does include extra battery in it)… so why not? Sounds fair to me.

  • Mike

    what is this i dont even

  • facepalm

    the amount of faux-film-burn-transitions sold me on this alone. soooooo amazing. :P

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    Just buy a actual DSLR that would be less of a hassle. Phone cameras are good but come on…. this borders on the ridiculous.


    Another product no one ever asked for.

  • Mike

    Now you can handhold an even heavier device with your arms in the air, for even stronger ShakyCam™ performance!

  • Guest

    Some products…

  • Woody ONeal

    Snuggies sold really well too, but no one uses them anymore.

  • TESTiculum

    Anyone who pays money on something like that should not be allowed to handle money.

  • moban

    so he wants you to buy him multiple 3D printers? good deal!

  • GM

    Whens its gonna stop

  • Jason Dunn

    What for?

  • A

    Dude is straight out of GTA… Awesome effort I hope it succedes!

  • Stan Perry

    dude made $13,000 so far off of cool shoots and a bunch of post effects …. i dont know where the footage starts and the effects end … no real value in using your smart phone for anything besides baby pictures and who scratched my car …. wtf if you market it they will buy … people are so stupid …

  • SaveTheWorldGetTheGirl

    This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

  • waterengineer

    If you are going to haul that around why not just carry a camera?

  • Peter Acker

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Now you can carry a bag with all of your DSLR lenses and accessories but instead of the body with it’s big sensor and awesome processor, just carry this clamp instead, so that you can have something as cumbersome as your regular gear but with shittier quality pictures. And look like an idiot if you get a ‘phone call’ in the middle of taking a blurry, noisy snap of that sunset. Seriously.

  • estellahorlacher

    мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

    i dont know where the footage starts and the effects end

  • Dave Reynolds

    Or you could just use a DSLR.

  • Phoenix_Paul

    Wow! Now I can strap my expensive dslr lenses to my 42 megapixel smartphone that doesn’t give me the same fine control over the camera that my dslr does, and then I can instagram them to make believe I took an awesome photograph!!! Isn’t it wonderful!!!!

  • nullhogarth

    This will neatly eliminate the primary reasons for utilizing a
    smartphone camera, turning your handy, slim, lightweight, inconspicuous
    device into a bulky, clunky, impossible-to-ignore monster. It’s genius.

  • nullhogarth

    I know that you just spammed the thread. Jerk.

  • MattSteeleLA

    At long last, I can use my 85 f/1.2L II with my Palm Treo.

  • Adam Cross

    If the device is not for you, why bother commenting? not everything needs to be commented on. Filter yourselves, people. Filter. There is a market for this, people who shoot their own youtube stuff, people who may have previously used a webcam, their phone now shoots 1080p video so they want to step it up again and have better audio but with this rig they can have things neat and tidy without things cluttering up a room or computer space. Not everyone has the budget to go and buy a DSLR/rig/tripod etc, no – not even a second hand ebay Canon 550D, these people exist and they should have their needs tailored for too, not just have companies expecting everyone to be trust fund kids or hobbyists with well paying jobs. So before you freak out and start saying how stupid this is, realise the product probably isn’t for you and you don’t need to comment, then you can go back to playing with your expensive equipment and at the same time you’re not crapping on people who can’t afford expensive things by saying this kind of stuff is pointless, because it isn’t pointless.


    Because everyone has, and is fully entitled to their opinion.
    This is not just a foolish idea, it’s trying to take advantage of people who may very well think this will make them a better photographer.
    Bad idea.

  • Bob Blaylock

    Reading this article, I can’t help but be reminded of a scene in one of the “Naked Gun” movies (the second one, I think). A gun battle breaks out,and instead of participating right away, the Nordberg character, (played by O.J. Simpson) starts attaching accessories to his small handgun. A bit later, Drebin (played by Leslie Nielsen) charges forward, yelling to Nordberg to “cover me”. There’s an explosion up ahead, and then the camera cuts to Nordberg showing that he now has a much larger, cannon-like weapon, presumably built from his handgun with all the accessories he was attaching to it.

  • Chris Rogers

    Hahahahahaha I love the comments XD

  • wayne.carroll

    Actually, I could see this being the future of photography/video. With so many legacy lenses out there and the on-going improvements with smart phones something like this could really make sense.

  • SaveTheWorldGetTheGirl

    The whole point of this nonsense contraption is to attach “SLR lenses and accessories” to a phone. If you have SLR lenses and accessories presumably you have a body that goes with those, so your point about “not everyone can afford…” is invalid.

  • MattyC

    Good for you. Sticking up for people who are attempting to take better photos on a shoe-string. I’m willing to wager that you’re a Mac user.. I’d put a tenner on it.

  • Adam Cross

    why would you assume that someone would buy lenses first? maybe they buy this for their phone and think about the lenses later?

  • Adam Cross

    I’m a PC user, always have been, always will be. Nothing wrong with Macs, I just don’t get along with the OS. Happy with the iPhone though!

  • Adam Cross

    And everyone who has an opinion is also perfectly entitled to be called out on it.
    Anyway, All companies try to make out that a particular product of theirs will make you a better photographer, Canon strapping a red piece of plastic on the end of their lenses doesn’t take advantage of people thinking that this magical thing will make them better photographers, right? Sure it might improve the technical aspects of a photograph but it sure isn’t going to give you any extra creativity. Whereas this device for you phone does the opposite, it won’t technically improve anything, but it gives you creative options, ways to use your phone you couldn’t have before. It’s not pointless.

  • Peter Acker

    Sorry but your argument about it being for people who can’t afford nice things is invalid since it’s designed for a level of smartphone that costs $500-$600 on average.

  • Adam Cross

    and how many people actually pay that much in one transaction for their phone? not many, I would argue the vast majority get it on a contract basis and pay per month.

  • alinchitown

    Well said Adam

  • pappysteel

    You can put pretty paint, spinning wheels and chrome exhaust on a crap car, but in the end you still have a crap car.

  • Adam

    Everyone can have their opinion but the majority of people just don’t know how to stop cutting people down when they are making something of themselves and not just sitting around collecting welfare from the rest of us who are hard working. The simple
    fact that he’s able to start with an idea, make a product, manufacture, promote and sell a product is far more impressive than what most people in this generation will accomplish. This product might not be for you and opinions for and against it are desired so people can make a decision on weather not to purchase
    it. With that said, sarcasm and less than intelligent comments are a waste of time and unproductive. I was one of the first people to back this project. I backed it primarily for the innovation and experimentation in the manufacturing process. I am a strong believer that, the 3D printing will become a huge asset in the manufacturing process. Also, I like photography; I’m not a professional photographer. Though I do find myself having difficulty stabilizing my phone and often wish I could shoot better wide angle, macro or even some adjustments that you can only get from a manual lens. I don’t want to spend $400 dollars on another device when my smart phone already costs that much. Also the MP in my
    smart phone surpasses the MP in my old digital camera that I never use any more. So tell me why for the average person, this isn’t a great idea. You can be more creative with one device, If I get a new phone it still works, new phones with cameras keep getting better. This might not be for you professional photographers with disposable income. But for me, $85, beast grip, $35 on Amazon for a few filters a step up ring a fish eye and wide angle lenses. Combine that with the ability to use it on most any phone I upgrade to next and my photo shooting desires are met. Besides the real reviews of this producte I’m sure will speak for its self once the product is in hand.

  • Adam

    I’m buying the beastgrip followed by a super wide angle and a macro lense. Then later on if I want more functionality I’ll get a DFO and other lenses. The idea is fasinating especialy with the improvments in camera’s on phones. My i-Phone4S has a higher mega pixle rating then my 6 year old digital camera that I recently broke. So the choice was, do I upgrad my phone for $100 or but a new digital camera for $200. It was a no brainer for me. New Phone, and Beast grip, is a better digital camera then I use to have. It was a no brainer. Pluss I have no desire to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional digital camera that I will only use ocationaly when I can achieve what looks close to the same quality with a little inginuity, creativity and post processing.

  • b4b4.4l1

    I’m really surprised with the majority comments here. To all of you who bashed this innovation, have you innovated anything that will be useful for the others? If you don’t, you have no rights to talk rubbish about this thing.

    I’m one of cameraphone enthusiast and I found this really fascinating. If this is not for you, just leave. Why you guys haters bother to read the article in first place? So funny.