Wedding Photographer Wanted Ad Makes Us Lose a Little Faith in Humanity


It’s time like these that hashtags like #facepalm were invented for. Thanks to a reader, we recently stumbled across a “Wedding Photographer Wanted” ad on Craigslist that we sincerely hope is fake. Then again, given previous experience, it’s probably not.

The ad is based out of Philadelphia, and the writer would like someone to take “high quality professional images,” of her wedding. So far so good, but then you read on: “but I don’t want to pay for a professional. They charge way too much and are not worth it.”

From there the poster continues by describing exactly the type of person they’re looking for, and why this person should be willing to do this for a total of $100:

I think I am very attractive and will be wearing a wedding dress so this would be great for your portfolio. I want someone who has a really, really good camera. You also must be experienced with working with people, especially drunk people. I want someone who knows how crazy a wedding day can be (even small ones) and who can keep his or her cool no matter what happens.


The Wanted ad ends with this proverbial cherry-on-top statement, “Also it’s important that you actually show up for my wedding day.” We’re sure her inbox is just bursting with offers…

We could spend time here explaining why exactly professional wedding photographers are worth it and why they certainly don’t charge too much, but that’s a topic we’ve covered in-depth before here.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a snippy request that encourages photographers to work for free because it would be “great for their portfolio,” and truth be told, there are times when working for free is acceptable. We’re just fairly certain this isn’t one of them.

Image credit: Ad – Macro’ed by bjmccray

Thanks for sending in the tip, Todd!

  • Kabong

    Eh, for a hundred bucks I’d be willing to learn on the job too. Mind you, I’ve never shot a wedding before and I’d only be willing to use one roll of film – but what the hell!

  • Margi

    This is ridiculous. It happens to musicians all the time, too. They are expected to play “for the exposure”. Some people have no brains and no class – best to ignore them.

  • Matt

    Wow, just wow. Being a jerk is not progress, having a low opinion of your fellow man is not progress, wanting others to do something for you without giving something of equal value in return is not progress. Those are all bad things. Freedom is of course free to be a jerk. Just as people are free to treat you like you act.

  • Tzctplus -

    You are not reading what I write, you read what you want to read.

    Progress is that more and more people can take perfectly acceptable photographs because the equipment that allows this has become very cheap and as a consequence more and more people have taken an interest about the basics of how to take a photograph properly. To top it all, people, independently of their level of skill have immediate feedback, so even many slow learners eventually get the basics.

    Progress is not being a jerk, progress is for jerks to know that maybe a photographer that wants to charge too much isn’t actually worth the money, but of course a jerk would not express this general perception in an elegant way, as in the example originating this discussion.

    A typical mistake that people make is to think that because something takes a lot of effort it should be compensated highly, forgetting that the price of something is controlled by demand and supply, irrespective of how much effort you are putting into something.

    I am sure that some menial work is back breaking, but when you have many people willing to do it its intrinsic value decreases.

    That is what is happening to photography, but many photographers chose to wear blinders instead of facing reality.

    Reality is that you’ll get more and more jerks asking to pay very little in an environment with many photographers being able to offer a good enough job for less money.

    Kick, scream, and whine, the trend isn’t in the direction of photographers charging more for their skills.

  • pete n pete

    “I think I’m attractive…” is the photo ad version of “She has a great personality.”

    Whoever gets roped into this mess will probably also get sued because she didn’t like the “professional images” she ended up with. Screw this.

  • Tania Twinkle

    I used to see ads like this when I was a DJ. No matter what price you give them they always ask if you can do it cheaper. I guess they think 20 or 30 bucks saved on a service is more drinks from the bar !

  • Nobo Griffin

    Wow! This is news! OMG, I have totally lost all “faith in humanity”, because there’s a cheap bastard [er, female version] in Philadelphia!

    People get what they pay for. That’s just one of the lessons in life that people have to learn for themselves.

  • pixjohn

    Wither the images are good or bad, I am sure she will also ask for $100 refund because she thinks the images don’t look like the $10,000 photographer images.

  • T.M. Punk

    ok so instead of my Canon DLSR can i shoot with my Windows Phone camera? :)

  • piccydi

    no you use her camera

  • piccydi

    well i’ve done charity work

  • Cynic

    You couldn’t make it up! As a professional photographer that shoots weddings, this makes me cringe – she won’t pay good money for what is undoubtedly the most important part of the wedding, yet I bet she’ll pay over ten grand on the reception!

  • Cynic

    One hundred bucks to shoot a wedding? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  • Andrew McDonald

    I would have totally taken the job, made everyone sign a release and kept ownership of the images. I can guarantee that the photos would have been an interesting investigation into some aspect of humanity.

  • maclaca

    I wish a bunch of amazing photographers would just show up and take gorgeous pictures, show her and then tell her that she can’t have them because “they are not worth it” ;)

  • mizo


  • skysi

    Someone was just trolling. This is not real.

  • Derek Pye

    I am Derek Pye – The World’s Greatest Living Wedding Photographer and I am surprised that you have fallen for this spoof

  • Timothy Courtemanche

    In order for them to “hire” an unpaid intern photographer, they would need to have a photographer on staff for the intern to, well, intern under.
    Also, anyone who has the proper camera and lighting gear is well above the intern level.

  • Ken Elliott

    I know photographers that will shoot for free. Buying the images after the wedding is really expensive, however. But it is a business model that works for them. Zero repeat customers, however.

  • J.C. Overgaard

    Ooh… stock footage of “furious bride who’s just been told she looks like a pathetic loser” and “groom swinging a tripod at the camera” would be great! :D

  • J.C. Overgaard

    And he’s pointing out that the job was taking the photos… not giving them to the customer.

  • Dario Toledo

    And don’t forget “priest gets mad at couple and banishes them out of the church”! (as for us italians which ceremonies usually take place inside a church, at least)

  • Chris

    I got the same thing, some kid offering a 70’s ‘vintage’ bottle of Crown Royal for an $800 camera, then a month later he thought it was a fair trade for a motorcycle. Probably stole it from his dad’s liquor cabinet.

  • darylcheshire

    I’ll pay $100 but I only take b&w pictures

  • darylcheshire

    50 DKP minus!