Rumor: Panasonic to Release the World’s Smallest ILC in October with the GM1


So far, the title of world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera fell (for the most part) to the cameras in the Pentax Q-series — starting with the Q, then the Q10 and finally the most recent Q7. But that title won’t be held by Pentax (or is it RICOH?) for much longer. If rumors are to be believed, October will see the release of the Panasonic GM1, which will claim the title for itself.

The main complaint people had about the Q and Q10 was the tiny 1/2.3-inch sensor. The Q7 upgraded to a 1/1.7-inch sensor, which helped a bit with the grumbling, but still, a tiny camera requires a tiny sensor if you want everything to fit … or does it?

Panasonic doesn’t seem to think so. According to 43 Rumors, the soon-to-be-announced GM1 features a full Micro Four Thirds sensor, but still manages to be about the size of the Sony RX100MII (pictured below).


This was made possible because Panasonic intends to claim one other title with the GM1: world’s first Micro Four Thirds ILC with a fully electronic shutter. Removing the physical shutter allowed the company to shrink the camera down to tiny proportions.

No word on any specs for now, but rumors indicate that the camera will ship with a new 12-32mm pancake zoom as the kit lens. It should make its official debut in October, and will be available in black, silver/black and silver/brown when it hits stores.

(via 43 Rumors and Mirrorless Rumors)

  • grt

    sony nex FF

  • gochugogi

    The GX7 is small and comfy to hold albeit the pinkie tangles in the air. A smaller GM1 and I suppose two or three fingers be tangling…

  • lidocaineus

    Can you say anything else? Ever? Do you actually have a point?

  • SteveHood

    Wait until he see the price.

  • markz

    one of the main reasons I’ve gone from the GF1 to the GX7 was the GF1 is already too small in many ways, lack of controls, lack of grip.
    When you want a good grip and a decent number and size of control buttons, knobs & wheels you can’t push the size too small. Lack of control devices, or worse devices that are too small and get missed and mashed as you try to do something else is probably why prosumer/enthusiast cameras are not really going to get much smaller than the current NEX and M43’s

    all that said a M4/3 smaller even than the GF5, with the PZ lens would make for a good snapshot camera, stepping in to the area formally taken by tiny sensor P&S units

  • Lee Mullen

    Useless for C Mount lenses then unless it has ETC.

  • Mangap

    I hope panasonic also trying to create serious RX 100 competitor. current version is not good enough. and there is good market in this area

  • Anonymous

    It will be around $1500 body only. Cheaper than Canon 6d and Nikon d600 and like 1/10th the size of those bricks.