Triggertrap Releases Revamped Version 2.0, Now Offers 14 Triggering Options


The popular mobile triggering solution Triggertrap just announced version 2.0 of its mobile application, complete with a visual overhaul and a total of 14 triggering options that promise to “make advanced photographic techniques available to everyone — even photographic newbies.”

The most significant improvement in the app is the interface itself. Redesigned from the ground up, they’ve done away with the dark design and dials in favor of a cleaner, brighter menu system. It’s not just a new paint job though, Triggertrap promises that every aspect of the simplified design makes the app easier and more efficient to use than ever before.

Here’s a quick video intro to the new version:

In all, Triggertrap 2.0 gives you 14 triggering modes to play with. These include everything from the expected intervalometer and sound triggers to more advanced options like distance-lapse (uses the GPS to take a photo every X-amount of meters), a couple of different HDR modes and the ability to trigger over 100 cameras at once over WiFi.

These can be used to trigger the smartphone’s built-in camera, but the hope is that users will get the free app and connect it up to their DSLR using Triggertrap’s $30 dongle/cable packages. Over 300 camera models are supported:

Triggertrap Products Family Portrait 01

The new app’s improvements, it would seem, are due in large part to feedback that Triggertrap has been getting (and, fortunately, listening to as well) from its dedicated user base.

“It certainly helps that our fans wear the pants around here and aren’t shy about letting us know what could be improved,” says Triggertrap CEO and inventor Haje Jan Kamps. “As a result, Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is the best triggering solution you’ll find anywhere.”

To learn more about everything Triggertrap 2.0 has to offer, head over to the company’s website. The updated app is already available to download from the iTunes App Store, and should be available in the Google Play Store “soon.”

  • Christopher Stivala

    Waiting for soon.

  • Dave Prelosky

    And Id like to continue using my iPod, but the OS doesn’t seem compatible with the upgrade….

  • disqus_c9q9wd6rez

    I was NEVER able to get Trigger trap working properly with my Nikon D7000. Im pretty sure it was broken right out of the box because I had to contort the connectors to make it work at all.