Triggertrap Open Sources Its Mobile Dongle Hardware

As Triggertrap continues winding down its business, their Triggertrap Mobile Dongles are becoming increasingly difficult to find. But there’s some good news now: the company has decided to open source the hardware, making it is possible to build your own dongle.

The Triggertrap camera triggering system comprises three parts:

  1. The Triggertrap Mobile App. This app emits a 19khz sine-wave tone for a specific duration, which the hardware listens for. The app is still available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.
  2. The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle. This plugs in to your phone and listens for the tone, closing the circuit if the tone is played. This dongle is the component that has been open sourced.
  3. A camera connection cable. These cables are still readily available, and you can find the right one with this link.
The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle, with camera connection cable

With the design files for the Mobile Dongle now on Github and the iOS and Android apps due to be open-sourced next month, it is possible that the triggering system may continue to receive updates, should someone take over the project.

For now, you can download the design files from Github and have a go at building your own dongle.

Update on 6/8/17: Triggertrap has just open sourced its mobile apps as well.