The New Triggertrap Redsnap: An Infinitely Expandable Camera Trigger


The Triggertrap name has appeared on PetaPixel many times before: from the very early days of v1 on Kickstarter, to an interview with CEO Haje Kamps, to the release of Triggertrap Mobile and beyond. Now we have another exciting reason to write about Triggertrap, and that reason is called Redsnap.

Redsnap is the evolution of the original Triggertrap V1 that was so successful on Kickstarter, and what it provides that the v1 didn’t is infinite expandability through attachable sensors. It is, according to Triggertraps description, “one of the fastest, easiest to use, and most affordable high-speed flash and camera triggers money can buy.”

Triggertrap Redsnap manages this by allowing you to customize your triggering needs with interchangeable sensor modules that you can snap on and stack. The issue with v1, as they see it, is that “photographers have varying requirements.”


And so, with Redsnap, you can choose exactly what it is you want: be it a laser trigger, a light trigger, a sound trigger, or a passive IR sensor for wildlife photography, you have the option. Plus, time-lapsers will still have standard, TimeWarp, HDR and Star Trail modes built right into the base block.

Additionally, Triggertrap mobile app integration means the addition of 14 more triggering functions to the Redsnap, and there are a few advanced triggering modes for people who really want to get creative when they shoot.

Here are a few sample shots the folks at Triggertrap took using the Redsnap:






As before, Triggertrap has taken to Kickstarter to make Redsnap happen, and they’re already well beyond their established £50,000 (about $79,500) goal with a full 30 days of pledging left to go. You can catch the Kickstarter demonstration video below and learn a lot more about Redsnap on the campaign page itself.

Over the next month, pledgers have the opportunity to save big on Redsnap and customized sensor combination packages put together with specific needs in mind.

For about $55 you can get the base unit and a camera connector cable for all of your time-lapse needs. For about $95 you can get their lightning kit that includes the base unit and the high-speed light sensor. And for about $143 you can get the high-speed kit that includes the base unit, laser sensor, sound sensor and flash adapter.

There are more options but you get the picture. To learn more or put down a pledge and pick up your own Triggertrap Redsnap, head over to the company’s Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.