Beyond: Flemming Bo Jensen on Living as a Nomad Photographer

Those readers who often find themselves afflicted with a serious case of wanderlust might want to avoid this post. In the 10-minute documentary above, director Charlene Winfred will take you on a journey with self-proclaimed “gypsy” and “nomad” photographer Flemming Bo Jensen that will have you reaching for your camera gear with one hand while you shop for plane tickets online with the other.

Four years ago, Jensen took off for a trip to Africa, Australia and Asia … a trip that turned into a lifestyle. Jensen now calls himself a “unrooted, homeless, nomad, time-traveling, gypsy, Jedi, time-lord.”

“I just sold all of my things, except for the personal items,” says Jensen. “I sold my flat, I reduced my entire existence basically down to two bags… that kind of set me off on a course which four years later still has me traveling the entire world.”


Beyond is a short documentary put together by Winfred to share Jensen’s nomadic story with the world. Despite the cons of such a lifestyle — and he does admit to/talk about the cons — he sees it as the far superior alternative to everyday life, which he defines as “death by repetition.”

“There’s nothing like landing in Guatemala, or Peru, or any country basically in the world where I haven’t been,” he says. “Everything is fresh on you, it’s like being born again … it’s like being a kid again.”

To see a little bit of Jensen on this photographic journey of his, and hear more about the pros and cons of his lifestyle, be sure to check out the video at the top. And if you’d like to see some of his work or follow his thoughts as his travels continue, visit his website by clicking here.

(via F Stop Lounge)

  • jkantor267

    Two bags and money in the bank.

  • seoras

    Rather confused. What was this quite boring film about ? A well off individual (yes he sold his flat) that can wander around the world with no worries ? Apparently a photographer but what was his work and what was that of the film maker ? Either way not very good nor inspiring, though he has some better work on his own website.
    And how and where does he live while wandering, rough, hotels, camper van ???

    Interesting character or a bit of a nutter ?

  • Will Mederski

    unabashed bourgeois romanticism at it’s finest.

  • frank mckenna

    This was a great little documentary. I used to meet people like this when I traveled around. They would be wandering the world for years just like him. Usually they had something painful they were trying to escape from.

  • Amanda Waller Lesneski

    So.. I couldn’t make it through all 10 minutes for fear I may slip into serious depression. Horrible waste of 7 minutes of my life. I was hoping to be inspired and yet I feel quite the opposite. For someone who has supposedly traveled the world and gone to all these wonderful places… every shot, every picture, every film clip looked as though it was filmed within a 20 mile radius here in the United States specifically the Midwest. Show us these shots from around the world… Peru, Asia, Africa… Something…. Very Disappointed.

  • Fadil Mazrekaj

    Wundaschen Musik Geil Autos Sport Velge

  • Photo Bones

    Makes me want to sell everything to wander the American southwest in a lone ranger hat photographing burly men in leather chaps.

  • Vin Weathermon

    The documentary aside, I can completely relate to the need to do what he is doing. Read his “about” on his website. He was in IT formerly and probably like me found it to be not particularly creative or rewarding. If I could afford it and didn’t have a longterm girlfriend I would consider doing the same thing. It would be a rich life.

  • ThatDude

    i feel like this dude is hella rich and is all crybaby about not having a home when hes traveling all over the world for 4 years cool story bro

  • Stan B.

    As others have already alluded to, this guy is a little too well dressed, styled and coiffed (with the latest kit, etc) to be somehow roaming so free and easy and worry free (on an International scale!), if he didn’t have some free and easy money stashed away… Throw in a stronger sound track and you have more than enough footage for his first solo video after breaking with his original boy band.

    Compare this guy with Jacob Holdt- another Danish photographer who really had to travel and survive solely, completely on his wits. He couldn’t even afford a 35mm point and shoot at first…

    Yeah, I love this life too. Nothing that unique there buddo, but I can only afford 2 weeks at most (a week and a half of it on credit)- three if I sold everything and “reduced to two bags.”

    Hope you decide to give back someday when the buck stops wherever… And hopefully they’ll make a more meaningful film outta that.

  • SK

    A boys band with such super-ugly mug? No way. More suitable for death metal.

  • Marko

    come on guys, be nicer to each other. take from the video what you can get and don’t complain about what it doesn’t give to you.
    i enjoyed viewing it!

  • Robert Alan Clayton

    Very nice. As a traveler/shooter myself, I found this film interesting but somewhat limiting. To many unanswered questions. How did he travel, where did he stay, where were the international pics, etc, etc.?

  • jmsbf

    The film was shot in souther usa. They used his photos from that same southern USA trip in the film. If you wanted to see his photos from around the world why wouldn’t you just visit his website? like seriously?

  • sesw

    There are many websites and info guides to living a nomadic lifestyle and travelling the WHOLE WORLD! for very little money. You don’t have to be rich. And also, bring your girl along.

  • jmsbf

    You know that you can travel the world for very very little money right? If you have some free time, you should google up some info about the nomadic lifestyle. I have never met Flemming Bo Jensen but from the research I’ve done on him he seems simply like a man who is living his life the way he wants to. If he has more money then you and I, what does that have to do with anything? Nothing at all. He isn’t proclaiming to be this amazing rich travelling god. He isn’t claiming to be better then anybody. The filmmaker, who happens to be a friend of Flemmings, made a film and put it on vimeo. Blogs picked it up becuase its an interesting film. Obviously. If it wasn’t interesting it would have been ignored.

    Flemming is also an official Fuji X Photographer. Maybe he was given a kit from Fuji?