Wedding Photo of a Bride on the Side of a Mountain… With a Double Rainbow


Want to snap a memorable bridal photo? Just have her pose on the side of a mountain, and then capture a double rainbow in the background. That’s what Alaskan wedding photographer Josh Martinez did yesterday, resulting in the incredible image above.

Martinez is a senior wedding photographer at Chugach Peaks Photography in Anchorage, Alaska, and does about 60-80 shoots per year, including his own portraiture and commercial work.

Yesterday, Martinez took a couple named Megan and Zach up to the top of Mount Alyeska using an aerial tram. On the way up, they noticed a rainbow appear for a brief moment over the valley. The photographer decided to position his subject on the side of a hill and wait and see whether the rainbow would return.

The gamble (and patience) paid off. An “epic double rainbow” appeared in the exact same location over the valley, and Martinez was ready with his camera.

A closer crop of the resulting photo

A closer crop of the resulting photo

“I was stoked to see that we’d actually pulled off this shot,” he tells us.

It’s now one of the favorite images of his career, and he has a clever caption to go along with it: “We guarantee double rainbows on your wedding day.”

Image credit: Photograph by Josh Martinez/Chugach Peaks Photography and used with permission

  • Steve Oakley

    wedding hacks have no ego to big. really nice shot, good for them, give me something that means something. I don’t care about an audience of 10…

  • Jake

    This is pretty and all, but where’s the photoshopped T-Rex who’s supposed to be chasing her?

    Seriously though, pretty spectacular and memorable shot!

  • Tom

    Sorry. There must be photoshopping involved. The rainbows are not concentric. Physics fail…

  • Redstart

    OMG, ‘SHOPPED! Wedding photographers are NOT artists. YOu are only a true artists if you shoot with a 8×10 view camera and print your images on hand polished rocks!!!1!!!

  • BrokenHelix79

    What, pray tell, constitutes an image that “means something”? There is room in this world for all kinds of photography, and if every image needed to be a life-altering masterpiece, we should all just give up now, including yourself.

    As I ask of anyone else who spews spiteful disregard for everything they see online, may we see your work in order to judge you as harshly?

  • Bristol

    If you go to his Facebook page, he actually has a shot of this shot on the screen of his camera. So unless Canon has an “insert rainbow” function…

  • ken

    Awesome shot!

  • wickerprints

    The rainbows do not appear concentric because of the use of a short focal length. The resulting exaggerated perspective will distort circular features into ellipses.

  • Cromag

    There was nothing wrong with the T-Rex image it was refreshing to see something more than the same old wedding image. Funny that people who think inside the box talk down on things outside the box.

  • bob cooley

    @steveoakley:disqus – it amazes me how few photographers have an understanding of optical
    physics. If you have a double rainbow, the second rainbow will have the
    colors in reverse due to the refraction. I’m not taking sides on
    whether this is photoshopped or no, I suspect it is; but if you are
    going to argue its a fake, make sure your primary reasoning is

  • bob cooley

    Actually, Tertiary rainbows aren’t concentric, so it could be that instead of a “double’ rainbow…

  • Jake

    Oh come off it! I wasn’t talking down on anything, just making a topical joke. I thought the T-Rex and AT-AT shots were brilliant too! You’re making an awfully judgmental statement for someone thinking “outside the box.”

  • SlimPickens4U

    @Steve Oakley – You done got PLAYED, son…take yo cynical a$$ elsewhere.

  • Shannon McGuire

    Obviously I’m rather late to join the discussion, but I think maybe people should be commenting more on how gorgeous this photo is than accusing it (wrongly) of being fake. It’s an amazing photo! To the gentleman worried about the color gradients being reversed, google image search for “double rainbow” and you can see that’s just how they are. You can tell just looking at the weather (moody clouds in the background, sunshine peeking through in the foreground) that it is prime conditions for rainbows. This photo was taken at the top of Mount Alyeska in Girdwood, Alaska. It is a ski resort and the world’s nothernmost rainforest. Rain is pretty standard fare here. Finally, I know the people at Chugach Peaks, and thus know personally that it is a real photo.

    It’s an amazing mix of right place at the right time and Josh’s talent.

  • photography

    Wedding is a very important day, that is coming once in our life. People want to do something special on wedding day to remember this day in their mind.

  • Jasper Jul

    Its really Extremely fine photographs captured by Josh Martinez. Normally this does not happen to capture tow rainbow in background of an image.

  • sleepyhead88

    Photoshopped? You guys have to come up here to experience first hand the awesomeness of my beloved Alaska.