The Importance of Angles, or ‘How Not to Take a Selfie’

Here’s a humorous 14-second video that might make that last bit of your Friday workday go by that much faster. In an attempt to prove how important the right angle is when taking a selfie (or any portrait for that matter) a kind girl decided to demonstrate how drastic a difference she could make by simply moving her face and changing the angle of the photo.

She starts with the camera below, making sure to produce as many chins as possible and eliminate any hint of a jawline, and then moves the camera up to a more flattering angle that also takes advantage of the light streaming in from the window to her right. The difference is, shall we say, shocking:


By the way, in case you don’t speak Korean, what she says before moving the camera to the much more flattering angle is “the importance of angles.” She certainly proved her point.

Of course, although this her message is clear, there’s not much instruction there. So if you’d like a little more direction than that, be sure to check out this 15-minute tutorial by Peter Hurley on accentuate your subject’s jawline when taking portraits.

Or, alternatively, if you’d like a little less instruction and a few more laughs, check out the Geraldo Rivera selfie tutorial written by our very own Cheri Frost … those only interested in serious posts need not apply.

(via Reddit via Fstoppers)

  • Jeremy Madore

    Could have REALLY done without that last expression…

  • Vodeeodoe

    Not buying it. Need further proof.

  • Chuck Johnson


  • Leonardo Abreu

    I’ll not sleep tonight… Thanks.

  • Brian

    This is completely fake.. I can;t believe petapixel would fall for this! There is a clear morph as the camera is being raised from one woman to the next. geeesh

  • Brian

    The user that posted this to youtube made other morph videos… cmon and wake up people! lol :)

  • 10dier


  • Bo

    i don’t think this is a fake.. you can just try at yourself to see this can easily be true. A beauty person can make his/her face ugly in a second. (opposite is quite more difficult though)

  • Leo

    So funny how people are calling out fake on this! This quirky camera angle shooting ideology has been pervasive in Korea for a long time…

  • spiralphoto

    What? That’s the funniest part of the whole thing.

  • spiralphoto

    You people trying to call fake on this are hilarious.

  • spiralphoto

    Yeah, wake up! It’s a government conspiracy! OCCUPY WALL STREET!
    For Pete’s sake, give it a rest on the “wake up” command. Good God, everything is a conspiracy, isn’t it?

  • spiralphoto

    Nope. That’s BS.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    The thing about baby fat is that it’s flexible.

  • IAR

    I’m so gonna merry this chick.

  • Norshan Nusi

    The landing on the SUN was FAKE!!!

    O wait? O_o

    Impossible! :P

  • Mont Santo


  • JackF

    Video gone

  • Selfie Share

    Hahah! Gonna share this on SelfieShare!

  • Brian

    This is easily proven to be a fake… first look at the other morph videos that the maker of the video has posted and you’ll see how he’s been practicing the morph techniques, like where he zooms into the chest of a girl, then morphs it while zooming out to reveal a guy in a bikini. Next, capture this video onto your computer, then use a jog-wheel or a scrubber in a video editing program to isolate the morph… frame by frame. I work with audio/visual material for a living. Just because you’ve been fooled doesn’t make you less of a person. I may just have to post the proof on my youtube page, but since my fake comment has gotten more likes than your responses I’ll not waste more time on the subject, have a nice day!!

  • Landscape is for video

    And here’s a tip for taking video with your phone…Turn the damn thing to landscape!!!

  • Don Tusk

    Yes, the fat one.

  • tomdavidsonjr

    Remember when we used to turn the lens of the camera the other way?

  • What is it

    I posted a comment (a little longer than yours) about VERTICAL VIDEO SYNDROME (youtube it!!) but PetaPixel didn’t seem to approve because it’s not here. Let’s see if this one makes it through…

  • mko

    Hello 9Gag

  • Chris

    Hello.. just testing..

  • spiralphoto

    You’re wrong.

  • spiralphoto


  • Elvino

    No, not everything. But this is. Your comical retort doesn’t disprove the fact that the writer of this article was duped. Next?

  • Elvino

    No it’s not. Please, keep trying, it’s amusing.

  • Elvino

    LOL Poor deluded soul. It IS fake. Stop trying to defend it, you obviously have no clue, and there’s loads of evidence.

  • spiralphoto

    You don’t know much about cameras, angles, or photography in general, do you? Spend as much time taking portraits as some of us have and you would see very easily that this is real.

  • Michael Bean

    I’ll never trust anything again

  • Say NO!

    Just say NO to vertical video.

  • JeanLuc LaBarre

    Delusional people are everywhere, ‘debunking’ everything under the sun with their idiotic (and verbose) “wake up” and “if you look carefully..” comments.
    Just for kicks I looked to see if this could be verified, and all I found was “proof that (some random) politician is a reptilian” and “planet X” videos with hundreds of thousands of views.
    These people need to get out more.

  • JB

    he didn’t say angles weren’t important or make a difference, just that the video was fake, which I think it is.