Hand-Crafted Leather Camera Bags that Won’t Break the Bank


Leather messenger bag-style camera bags don’t come cheap. A cursory search on B&H Photo will reveal prices that often run in the $300+ range for something with decent storage space. Fortunately, Etsy seller LeftoverStudio offers a hand-crafted, high-quality alternative that will cost you half as much.

They’re not attached to any special brand name, but these retro-looking messenger bags promise high-end durability and build-quality. Made by hand from traditionally tanned, natural goat leather, LeftoverStudio claims that a bag that is soft, water-resistant, flexible, and won’t get hard or crack when wet.


Environmental buffs will also like to hear that the bags are subject to none of the usual chemical processing methods.

“This leather is still processed in the traditional ways that have been around for ages,” reads the description. “It is not processed by commercial operations but individual families where the skills and knowledge is passed from one generation to another.”

In addition to environmental benefits, the use of traditional methods also leads to a unique bag every single time: “Since each hide is not exactly the same as the other and no dye is used to make them look similar, no two bags will be exactly the same.”


Over time, the bag will soften, lose the un-treated leather smell, and develop “a rich dark patina” that will make it even more unique.

You can learn more about the bags and/or purchase one for yourself by visiting LeftoverStudio’s Etsy page. The large bags measure 15 inches x 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches, and will run you $140 before shipping; while the slightly smaller 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″ bags cost only $122.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Ben!

  • Adam Cross

    check out lochobags if you want similar messenger bags but don’t want leather. They make straps, too.

  • Steve

    Has anyone noticed these goat leather bags are available from a bunch of Etsy sellers? I’m a little skeptical about the authenticity.

  • Christopher Hugh Hiscocks

    Unfortunately, goat leather often has a very strong smell which really put me off. I flipped a very similar bag on eBay because despite the promise on the website, the ‘natural smell’ didn’t fade; if anything I think it got worse!

  • Brendan

    When I first got an SLR I knew I wanted something like this, I paid $250(AU) for a newport mission bag from Copper River. It was an absolute shame of a bag – a poorly stitched together box that looked nothing like the stock photo.

    Unfortunately my buying on Etsy has been woefully inconsistent. Sometimes I find gold and something it’s utter garbage. That purchase was the most expensive example of the latter.

  • AMPmanager

    Mine just arrived. About what I expected – should do the job and look good. Canadian buyers be aware that you’ll be hit for about an extra $25 COD by DHL upon delivery.