Moving Footage of Saturn Created Using Thousands of High-Res Photos

The Cassini space probe is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. It’s been over 15 years since the probe was launched, an about 9 years since it reached Saturn. Since then, it’s been snapping scores of images of just about everything it sees.

Vimeo user Fabio di Donato has uploaded a video titled “Around Saturn,” which features more than 200,000 images snapped by Cassini from 2004 to 2012. These RAW images were converted to PNG and set to a Waltz.

Cassini Waltz Shot

Donato’s inspiration for making the video? Astrophysicist and popular science writer Margherita Hack, who passed away in June of this year.

“She made me love the stars,” says Donato.

Earlier this week, Cassini snapped a stunning photo of Earth with Saturn and its rings in frame. But this isn’t the first time someone’s made a hypnotic video of the 6th planet from the Sun. Back in mid-2011, we reported on a Cassini photos remix, which is potentially as memorizing as this Waltz through Saturn’s gravity field.

But if you’d rather view Cassini photos in still form and without music, head over to the NASA Cassini Solstice mission page, which included RAW imagery.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Maximus

    Trippy…..I felt like I was having flashbacks watching that. Either that or I was worried the girl from the movie The Ring was about to come out of my screen.

    Should have an epilepsy warning on that….

  • Oskar???

    Photo: Cassini
    Music: Eugeniu Doga

  • yopyop

    What I hear is actually the Waltz 2 from the Jazz Suite n°2 composed by Dmitry Shostakovich.

  • Dido X Dido

    Hi Maximus!
    Glad you enjoyed the trip! :-)
    Thanks for making me note about the warning: I added an epilepsy warning in the video description a couple of days ago; I’m unable to replace the video file right now, but in a few days I will add it in the movie too
    Ciao! Fabio