BTS: Dave Hill Makes a Composite Poster Photo Using an iPhone and VSCO


Photographer Dave Hill has launched the world’s first Instagram TV show, a science fiction series called Desert Friends. Created as “a side project with some friends,” the show comes in short 15 second episodes and is about three friends who “are warped to a distant galaxy and need to get home.”

Here’s one of the clips from the series (there are 38 of them so far at the time of this post):

Hill recently did a photo shoot to create a promotional poster for the show. His choice of tools was a bit unusual: instead of using the high-end photo gear he usually shoots with, Hill went with the same tools used to create the Instagram show, his iPhone 5, and VSCO Cam.

After shooting a number of photos of his actors and the surrounding landscape, Hill combined the photos in Photoshop into a single composite image. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how it went down:

Here’s the final poster, photographed and composited by Hill:


Hill tells us that the project was an exercise to see whether this type of image could be created with only basic photographic tools (VSCO Cam is a free app). His verdict: “I’m impressed with how well the iPhone holds up.”

Thanks for the heads up, David!

Image credits: Photo and video by Dave Hill and used with permission

  • Michael

    “Created entirely in Instagram – Oh, I forgot to mention, that I used VSCO Cam and then photoshopped everything. But it is all created entirely on Instagram.”

  • Anthony Green

    Dude, the SHOW (what the poster is advertising) was created entirely in Instagram, not the poster. OBVIOUSLY the composite wasn’t created in Instagram.

  • Richard709

    The TITLE of this ARTICLE doesn’t make it too OBVIOUS.

  • Anthony Green

    What are you talking about? How do you guys not get this. The poster has nothing to do with how the poster was made, nor should it. The poster is advertising a TV show not how the poster was made! Do you not understand context? That’s like ripping on a poster for DIET COKE because on the DIET COKE poster it says “Made with Splenda”

  • Terry Clark

    Click on “Desert Friends” above and you’ll be taken to Hill’s Instagram site where you can watch the series from which this poster composite advertises.

  • JustinBiggsDesign

    I’m really curious what mount he is using, I think it is a K-Tek, but would love to know exactly.

  • Jeremiah

    Why did homeboy have to crush the vegetation with his club foot? The reason we fund designated wild areas is to have places to visit that appear unspoiled by inconsiderate people like this. Go take great photos, leave the vegetation and animals as you found them.