Images of the Hasselblad Stellar Compact Leaked, Official Announcement in 6 Days


At the end of last month, a couple of job listings on Hasselblad’s website revealed that the company was working on two new compacts and a DSLR. Part of their partnership with Sony, the hope was that these upcoming models would do better than the Hasselblad Lunar, which fell flat once people discovered it was basically a rebranded Sony NEX-7 with a much larger price tag.

Well, images of the first of those three cameras have leaked, but it doesn’t look like Hasselblad is breaking the mold. Dubbed the Hasselblad Stellar (in keeping with the space theme), the first of the two rumored compacts looks to be a Sony RX100 made with more exotic camera housing materials.

The photos and information come courtesy of Photo Rumors, who published everything late last night. According to the rumor site, the camera’s announcement date is only 6 days away (on July 26th), where the Hasselblad Stellar is expected to make its official debut at a price somewhere between $1,600 and $3,200.






If that price range seems a big large, that’s because the price of the camera supposedly depends on the specific materials you select. The hand grip itself comes in at least six different varieties, all but one made from different exotic woods. Your leaked options are Olive Wood, Mahogany, Wenge, Walnut, Carbon Fiber, or Padouk — and each is expected to come with its own price tag.

No specs have been leaked, but then again, we may not need a spec list to call this one. Just look up the Sony RX100 specs and you should get a decent idea. If anything has been done to the internals to justify the price hike — by comparison, the RX100 retails for only $650 — we’ll have to wait until July 26th to find out for sure.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • agour

    well that’s one ugly looking camera

  • Zos Xavius


  • Matt

    that can’t be it. that looks like a horrid photoshop. “Hasselblad. to find us, just google how to wreck your own reputation.”

  • Redstart

    Have you seen the Lunar? If anything, this is an improvement.

  • Caca Milis

    Why not just buy a FF RX1 instead for the same price? Surely a bit of wood and a logo can’t justify a €2000 price tag

  • CK

    I am sure the price would be Stellar as well.

  • MJ Coffey

    Hasselblad, this is just embarassing.

  • markz

    but the people ‘blad are banking on buying these sort of cameras are, sadly, not really caring about taking pictures. They are more interested in brand and prestige…

    You could use the same argument about Audi’s, VW’s and some Porsche’s same company, same technology, same design team brief, and much the same engine and body with just designer variations.

    But to some people throwing in some leather and wood and an upmarket badge and you can charge double (or more) of the VW price.

    So I’ll pass on the Audi A1 and stick to my VW MkV Polo and, if I was looking for a compact camera, buy the Sony RX100 II

  • whatwhat

    Wasn’t Hasseblad a very reputable camera manufacturer? That my impression as an amateur photography enthousiast.

    Rebranding another manufacturer’s camera and adding wood to sell it for more? This is a joke, right? If it isn’t, they would immediatly lose ANY and ALL right to be taken seriously.

  • MickyBill

    Dont laugh, I knew someone who bought a Hasslelblad Moon edition…

  • Nik.C

    They probably thought they could do a Panny/Leica number, shove a red dot/H on and double the price!!!! Did they not do any focus groups own the designs? Obviously not! How about an all black model? Hassy!!!!!
    This is turning into a bumper year for poorly thought out cameras, first the Vario X, then this! This makes the Vario X look amazing!!
    I think there maybe a few product designers out of jobs very soon….

  • Ralph Hightower

    Looks like Hasselblad has jumped the shark.

  • Choen Lee

    oh dear, it looks like the owners are trying to bankrupt the company.

  • carlhancock

    This isn’t uncommon. It’s similar to Panasonic and Leica’s relationship. The Panasonic LX7 and the Leica D-Lux 6 are the same camera. At least internals. The housing is different and Leica has thir own software. But it’s the same hardware. Same with the D-Lux 5 and LX6 and so on.

    Some of the really high end camera makers partner with others for their lower end cameras and point and shoots and then charge a premium for them.

    Although this is a huge premium. The Leica version of the Panasonic goes for a $300-400 premium. This Hsselblad vs. Sony premium is much higher.

    But the partnership and repurposing of a lower priced camera by a higher end manufacturer is not unusual.

  • carlhancock

    I agree the price is insane and totally not worth it. But for those deriding this as ugly or a design failure what are you smoking? The hardware looks beautiful. Those wood grips look fantastic. Sure it would look better if the body was black but I think they went the other way to further differentiate it. But the price is obviously insane.

  • Porter

    Hasselblad has become that respected and loved movie star that eventually starts to go bats$@t crazy from the overdose of adoration.

  • Stanco55

    gotta admit- this takes balls. Completely uncharted territory. what else can they possibly gag and encrust with wood, leather and plastic…

  • MJ Coffey

    However, you’ll get Adobe Lightroom with any of these Panasonic-Leicas, which is worth ~$150.

  • aaa

    nope. it/s just ugly. Adding a grip to a body sounds more like an i-fix it idea. Basicly, they didn’t do any design work. They literaly just screw on those wood parts

  • SpaceMan

    No, the real Hasselblad has died young a while back. This is a bunch of people exhuming the body, and then making ridiculous decisions hoping nobody will notice this. Honest truth!

  • dikaiosune01

    First they kill off the V series line. Then the Lunar. Now this? *looks out the window to see if pigs are flying*

  • Rabi Abonour

    This is insane. The Lunar was universally regarded as a complete embarrassment to the Hasselblad name. How can they be doing it again?

  • spenno

    Does the pricing of the Lunar and these new cameras say anything about the kind of margins that Hasselblad expect on the cameras they’re famous for?

  • Sad

    You really don’t know what you are talking about with Audi and VW. Seriously, enjoy your VW but don’t misrepresent Audi or Porsche.

  • markz

    with the exception of a few specialised models in each of their range really the only differences between Audi and VW are marketing decisions, who gets what technology and when – i.e. why diesel for the Audi A1 but not on the Polo in some markets? – marketing differentiation to encourage people to view the Audi as a more “sophisticated” car but in other markets without the VW/Audi divide such as India, the polo is marketed with a diesel varient)
    So VW has to walk a marketing tightrope between not making VW low rent and cannibalise sales from Seat and Skoda (who mostly get the hand me downs from VW/Audi) or lose them to mainstream east asian car makers and not making them to “high rent” and not cannibalising their more profitable sales Audi… sadly poor Porsche is starting to look more and more like the same sort of marketing people selling these blads have wormed their way in to the board room. Stuff like the Cayanne is nothing but marketing horror story, a sore excuse for a 4WD and too crassly styled to be a limo and in almost every real driving world metric an inferior car to its twin sister the VW Toureg .

  • steve

    its an rx100!

  • pixeljammer

    What, no Swarovski crystals? Phht.

  • dll

    Really love, that it looks EXACTLY the same as the RX100, just different color and a expensive grip, slightly reminiscent of a pistol :)