external “This Is Just Sad, Sun-Times” —Jim Romenesko

suntimesThe Chicago Sun-Timesdecision to lay off its entire staff of photographers is apparently taking its toll.

In today’s paper, the Sun-Times illustrated a local Chicago news story about long lines at a Chick-fil-A with a generic photo of a chicken sandwich. Jim Romenesko points out that you’ll need to pick up the Chicago Tribune in order to see an actual photo of the long lines being written about.

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  • Matt

    What no Iphone photo? The sun-times is over.

  • junyo

    If you’re going to illustrate that the Sun-Times is gonna regret getting rid of their photographers you might want to pick a better example. The actual photo that the Sun-Times didn’t get looks an awful lot like a non-nondescript photo of a bunch of dudes in lawn chairs. With no sense of location, nothing that even lets you know it was near a Chik-fil-A it may as well be a stock photo.

  • Michael D

    A tiny bit of irony there– the Trib photo is by one of the fired Sun-Times photogs.

  • Nobody

    Still it is far better that a stock chicken burger photo. And it does what good photojournalism is supposed to do and visually connects the reader to the human element of the story, which in this case happens to be a bunch of dudes in lawn chairs. should he have gotten them to pout?

  • junyo

    The stock photo of a Chik-fil-A sandwich actually in some small way tells you the that story is about Chik-fil-A. For all we know the dudes in lawn chairs are waiting for Jimmy Buffet tickets.

    The compelling argument for professional photojournalist staff was supposed to be expertise and sense of story and visual context. This image doesn’t make that point. Tell me what about the Trib image couldn’t have been done by the reporter (hilariously enough, a freelancer) with an iPhone?

  • Nobody

    I accept your point, but if we want to get analytical then you will notice that the headline with the burger picture doesn’t mention the chain name in full, they rely on the picture to illustrate that. The Guys in deck chairs shot has a headline that makes the point of the story clear. This shot is not great, for all we know he may have shot it with an point and shoot, he did manage to at least use a basic photojournalism technique of capturing a ‘moment’(they are both laughing). it would not take much effort to train writers to do this simple thing. I personally think photojournalists need to upskill or expand their skills if they wan’t to stay employed, print advertising revenue is on the decline, so if i were in this business i would be learning to shoot footage, and write articles. less money means less staff, anyone who can provide a good picture, article and footage(it doesn’t have to be a spielberg film) will have papers fighting over their services.