Photographer Gives Greek Sculptures a Hipster Makeover Using Photoshop


The term “hipster” is only decades old (at most) and has only become widely used over the past half decade, but what if the concept had existed in days of old? That’s the idea behind photographer Leo Caillard‘s project, “Hipster in Stone.” Combining his photography and Photoshoppin’ skills, Caillard imagines what it would be like if ancient Greek sculpture subjects were hipsters.

The project first started when the Paris-based 28-year-old photographer was spending a day at the Louvre. After seeing the nude statues that were made to represent the ideal body figures of ancient culture, Caillard started to wonder: “What were the Greeks wearing when they weren’t posing for sculptors?”

Rather than clothe the statues with the fashion of ancient Greece, Caillard decided to mix the old with the new. It’s a twist on themes: the photographer’s goal was to “take the ultimate from the Classic world and add a modern, contemporary twist with cropped pants, Ray Bans, plaid shirts, and the icon becomes iconic.”

Creating the ‘shopped images in the series was no easy task. Caillard first photographed the statues himself, and then found models who had similar body shapes. He then dressed the human subjects in “hipster” clothing, and photographed them in a studio setting while trying to match the light with the light of each sculpture’s scene.

Finally, retoucher Alexis Persani used Photoshop to merge the two photographs together, dressing the old sculptures with new clothes. Here’s a look at how the Photoshop editing is done:

Here’s the photo that resulted from the ‘shop job shown above:


Here are some of the other photographs in the series:









You can find the entire series over on Caillard’s website.

Hipster in Stone by Leo Caillard (via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Leo Caillard and used with permission

  • Christian DeBaun

    I know there will be haters, but these are quite well done – and some effort went into them.

  • Zos Xavius

    the are. its a shame I didn’t see any ironic sweaters. some of these choices of outfits are bordering on mainstream though.

  • Manwithcamera

    Very nice! Good creativity!

  • Trythe1

    Hipster jesus lol

  • nameless

    Not bad.

  • gochugogi

    Hipsters I think not. Our stony faced models have been shopping at Gap…

  • Sterling

    The term “hipster” first appeared well before the early 2000s. The character of Kramer on the TV show Seinfeld was called a “hipster dufus” in a 1993 episode.

  • Caitlyn Chapman

    I love it I love it! Not sure why… but I do! Really really well done!

  • gochugogi

    Hipster was a common term in 1940s underground jazz culture.

  • zzz

    Oh I get, because they used to be naked and now they have clothes on. That’s really brilliant. Sarcasm is still big with hipsters right? Do we still say hipsters by the way? Also, is it still 2003? Is that why we are still talking about hipsters?

  • the Tile Ninja

    Pfff… I was making hipsters relavant WAAAYYY before the mainstream caught on

  • 9inchnail

    They were hipsters before it was cool.

  • 9inchnail

    Hipsters are always relevant. You just don’t see that they are still around. You know why? Because they’re so underground.

  • momaC

    I am an art historian. I say- “lighten up”. Good grief. Haven’t you ever heard of kitsch???

  • Anna

    I disagree, this is some pretty masterful photoshop in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with exploring and modifying to experiment – that’s often how new ideas are born.