A First-Person View of Photographing the Protests in Brazil

This past weekend, hundreds of protestors clashed with riot police in the area surrounding the Maracana football stadium in Rio de Janiero. Their main gripe was the fact that the country is spending so much on hosting the 2014 World Cup despite many of the country’s public services still lacking in funding.

Rio de Janiero-based photographer Michel de Souza was at the protests capturing everything on camera, and also captured the point-of-view footage above showing what he saw as he snapped photos.

The footage was captured using two GoPro cameras mounted to his DSLRs, and was subsequently edited in a way that shows moments leading up to resulting photographs.

In terms of gear, De Souza was shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II and 16-35mm lens (with a GoPro HERO3 attached), and a Canon 7D and 70-200mm lens (with a GoPro HERO2 attached).

After thousands of people joined in on the protest, riot police were sent to fire tear gas and rubber bullets in order to break up the gathering.

De Souza says that covering the protests was an emotional experience, especially as he was editing the resulting video afterward. “I confess that, towards the end, it moved me to tears,” he tells us.

Here are some of the resulting photographs he captured yesterday:




















You can find a large collection of the resulting photos in this Facebook album.

Image credits: Video and photographs by Michel De Souza and used with permission

  • Luis Eduardo Vaz

    Michel de Souza consegue extrair beleza, singeleza, solidariedade de um
    momento tão tenso e violento. Expõe-se e expõe seu equipamento aos
    riscos brutais que o conflito acabou tomando. Coragem de guerreiro pra nos contar
    esta história.

  • Google Translate

    Michel de Souza can extract beauty, simplicity, solidarity of a

    moment so tense and violent. It explains and exposes your machine to

    risks brutal conflict that ended up taking. Warrior courage to tell us

    this story.

  • edlau

    That was stunning.

  • olafs_osh

    I rarely watch these POV videos, but I am glad I watched this one.

  • Adam Cross

    great work =)

  • Aidan

    that was intense

  • Manuel Cordero

    Wow!! nice pictures! I have a Question though. In photojournalism, is it okay to fix the colors at least? the colors are way off!

  • Stewart Kirby

    This reminds me of James Nachtwey’s “War Photographer”