Upcoming PS4 Game ‘Outlast’ Pits Digital Camera Against Zombies

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Here’s yet another reason why it’s a bad idea to think reporters outfitted with cameras can replace actual photojournalists — the reporters apparently are dumb enough to wander into an abandoned insane asylum full of zombies.

(The first thing a real photojournalist would do, of course is ask “Do I get paid mileage?” before refusing to take the gig.)


At least that’s the premise of an upcoming video game, “Outlast,” which casts the player as a reporter armed only with a digital camera against legions of undead lunatics. Or something like that. Developer Red Barrels merely specifies that “what he discovers walks a terrifying line being science and religion, nature and something else entirely”


The camera not only documents the carnage but becomes an indispensable tool for seeing in the dark, thanks to a handy infrared mode. It also means that besides fighting off waves of bloodthirsty undead, the player has to worry about battery life.

Of course, the sad part is that even if you survive all the maniac fiends and solve the central puzzle, you still get fired at the end. (Rimshot!)

Here’s hoping the game is a success, so we can look forward to the development of other camera-centric games. How about “Wedding Photographer — Attack of Bridezilla!” Or “Copyright Raiders — Search for the Stolen JPEG”?

(via Joystiq)

  • Mike

    Pointless if there’s no raw format in there.

  • Froggy

    “Dead Rising” was a zombie game where you played a photojournalist covering the story, and that game sucked.

  • Maverick

    “Reporter” is shooting HD photos in full Auto mode lolz

  • AnthonyH

    Why is it all being shot at f/2.4? Surely in those low light conditions you’d stick on a 1.8 or 1.4 and open that baby up? Perhaps that new Sigma lens

  • Mike

    Hey this is serious business, I hear most reporters will soon use this method.

  • Mark Dub

    Dead Rising had one of the BEST trailers I have ever seen for a game. Sadly, the game was crap. Luckily, I waited til reviews came out before buying it.

  • ScottyJ

    not even an SLR camera! newby little point and shoot camera. they hell kind of journalist is that?! (note the W-T bar across the top. [Wide to Telephoto], only found on point and shoots, for those who are not photographers and may be confused)

  • Norshan Nusi

    If he use a DSLR, he can get better battery life.

  • RE Casper

    Hell yeah, if I’m shooting Zombies, I’m going full Auto too… Last thing I want is to get bite while fiddling with settings. haha

  • 9inchnail

    Did anyone actually watch the video? He is not taking photos, he is using a video camera. The whole concept of the game is a rip-off of the last 15 minutes of the movie [REC]. The spanish original of that movie was actually pretty damn scary so this game does have potential but we all know that the finals games usually are not like the trailers at all.