These $2.50 DIY Sandbags Will Keep Your Light Stands Steady on the Cheap

Here’s a neat idea for those of you who know the benefit of using sandbags to keep your light stands from tipping over, but aren’t sure if that benefit is worth the 13-30 dollars heavy-duty light stand sandbags will run you on Amazon. It’s a DIY solution, and it comes to us courtesy of Tylordfilms.

All you’ll need to make your own are two nylon zip bags from the local Dollar Tree, some ziplock bags full of whatever free sand or dirt you can get your hands on, and a couple of zip ties. Here’s what the final product should look like:


These simply consist of ziplock bags full of sand stuffed into the nylon bags, which are then ziptied together to create a more traditional looking, hangable light stand sandbag. If you want to make them even more professional grade, simply do what YouTube user James DeRuvo did and sew yours together.

It’s a simple solution that will only cost you about $2.50 when it’s all said and done. To see more videos from Taylordfilms — including more on-the-cheap DIY photography solutions — head over to their YouTube channel by clicking here.

(via ISO 1200)

  • szfofa

    That demo was hilarious, the way she used it would never keep the stand from falling. Great idea, just needs to be executed better.

  • DamianM

    True, she just need to place it better but MAN do you save money

  • KewlDewd

    Nice idea, but I still prefer my purpose made sandbags with double zippers on each side from eBay for $5 each.

  • michael mota

    dude, what’s the name of those sand bags so i can find em! Kindly, Share the knowledge, sir! Cheers mate!

  • KewlDewd

    Just do an eBay search for “sandbag” in the Cameras and Photo category. Tons of them. First one that popped up was a deal for 4 sandbags for $19. May pick up some more!

  • chris

    I tried going to Dollar Tree today and could not find the bag. What is this bag called? I will try other locations or other stores. Thank you!

  • Lauren Benning

    Chris, I just used the $1 lunch bags with a velcro flap closure, and zip tied the handles together. I also added velcro strips from the hardware store to reinforce the puny velcro strips on the bag flaps so that the bags would stay closed along the length of the flap. They’re not perfect, but they hold up to 10 lbs of sand and cost $3.50.