How I Attached a Camera Remote to a Handheld Light Pole

I occasionally like to do some light painting with strobes. To make that easier, I ripped off the legs of an old light stand so that it is just a handheld pole with a light. I also wanted to be able to control my camera with a remote when holding the light so that I can operate my camera on a tripod and do everything without an assistant.

DIY Frankenstand: Combining Tripod Legs and a Light Stand Column

I've been doing increasingly more portraiture outdoors over the years and most often have been relying on speedlights for their small size and portability. One problem I always faced was choosing a stand to use for supporting the speedlight.

LumoPro LP605M: A Light Stand That Can Morph Into a Monopod

Yesterday, LumoPro released the LightSwitch: a flash case with the ability to morph into three different light modifiers. Continuing on the theme of "multi-purpose gear," the company has also just launched the new LumoPro LP605M light stand, which boasts the ability to convert into a monopod whenever needed. Standing at 7.5-feet-tall, the LP605M is aimed at location photographers looking to lighten their load while on the move.

These $2.50 DIY Sandbags Will Keep Your Light Stands Steady on the Cheap

Here's a neat idea for those of you who know the benefit of using sandbags to keep your light stands from tipping over, but aren't sure if that benefit is worth the 13-30 dollars heavy-duty light stand sandbags will run you on Amazon. It's a DIY solution, and it comes to us courtesy of Tylordfilms.