Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless Camera Photos Leaked, Show Android OS


We reported earlier today that Samsung’s CEO recently said that his company’s next “mirrorless” camera would be Android-powered, but that it wasn’t clear whether it would actually be an interchangeable lens NX mirrorless camera or simply a point-and-shoot. Turns out it’s the former.

Photographs of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy NX leaked onto the web today, confirming that Samsung will soon be launching an Android-powered mirrorless camera.


The photographs, first published by Vietnamese website tinhte, reveal that the camera will have a giant LCD display — reportedly 4.3 inches — and that the camera will feature Android Jelly Bean with TouchWiz, Samsung’s front end touch interface.

A closer look at the back of the camera reveals that there’s not much there as far as physical interfaces go (e.g. buttons and dials):


The camera is rumored to pack an Exynos 4 Quad-Core processor, and feature 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of onboard storage. It’s also said that there is a 20.3 megapixel APS-C sensor inside the camera that has a max ISO of 25600 and can record 1080p Full HD video. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Camera smartcamera (a point-and-shoot) that was announced in 2012 features a tiny 1/2.3-inch sensor.


If you have an existing set of NX lenses, you’ll be able to transition to this Galaxy NX camera without any problems. The new mirrorless camera is essentially a fusion between a smartphone and an NX mirrorless camera — you’ll enjoy wireless connectivity and Android apps coupled with a large sensor and an NX lens mount.

The price of the new camera is rumored to be €1,000, or around $1,300. An official announcement should come on June 20th (a week from today) at a special Samsung launch event in London. Stay tuned.

(via tinhte via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Matt Smith

    Interesting. I wonder how the touchscreen will perform in poor weather.

  • narlin

    I doubt this is the actual hardware if only because Samsung “Hates” the onscreen buttons of stock Android. Not to mention it looks ‘shopped.

  • Rob Elliott

    Being I’ve owned boy the NX11 and the NX20 that doesn’t fit with the design that they have used, and as such I suspect that is fake.

    If it isn’t this makes me decision to abandon Samsung as a brand is the right choice, I am in the process of deciding if I should go Sony, Canon or Nikon. Because Samsung seems more focused on gimmicks then quality kit.

  • Mike

    Oh my god, a VIEWFINDER!!!!

  • YouDidntDidYou

    if the pics are real then this how not to do android for cameras, the photo apps on my camera are more organised and accessible than that back screen, Samsung could really have done a better UI and we still need external buttons. Hopefully Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Fuji and Sony will do android right on cameras…

  • Jan Mulders

    A bit bulky for a phone. Innit?

  • home made x-ray machine

    Tpicture is of the app drawer, not the home screen.

  • Humberto Saabedra

    This camera is tempting since it has a viewfinder and proper Android, all it needs is an accessory battery grip with a vertical shutter and I’m sold despite my prejudice against Samsung’s NX series as a whole. These press pics are real, by the way, so the body design is final, if a render.

  • please dont ring my camera!!!

    i/phoneography… if you cant beat em, join em!

  • Kai wong

    Oh man, instagrammmmmmmmmm.

  • MVVR

    If you have opted for a mirrorless camera before why would you want to go for a DSLR now ? or are you refering to Canikon’s joke of mirrorless cameras ? Sony I could understand but willingly opting for the Canon M or the Nikon 1 ? sounds crazy to me. Why not go for Fuji or Micro Four Thirds ?

  • Adam Cross

    looks ‘shopped because it’s most likely a 3D rendering, not photos of the actual camera

  • YS

    The whole point of an Android camera at this level is to have a connected workflow, not to remove even more buttons. I really hope this is not the final product.

  • Rob Elliott

    I want a decent sensor size, and a few finder. I also want to have a decent lens selection, and the ability to work a little as a second shooter.. currently that isn’t possible with the NX really because I refuse to buy what limited lens they do have when I’m not sure where they are going. Which means I’d likely be looking in the D7100, 7D range Maybe even going to full frame.

  • JoeC

    I really don’t understand the appeal of having all that other stuff on my camera… I’ve got my phone for that, and the ergonomics of doing it on a phone seem very awkward to me. Maybe I’m missing something, or at 30 I’m just too old to get it ;)

    If someone wanted to take the time to enlighten me, I’d be fascinated to hear.

  • Alex Minkin

    please wait while your camera boots up, freezes, shuts down, boots up, bugs out, and stops responding to commands for 30 seconds until it does every single touch all at once.

  • Choen Lee

    Your nose will be controlling the touch screen whenever you use the view finder.

  • Genkakuzai

    At least they’re thinking outside the box, unlike 9 out of 10 camera makers.

  • Jun

    iFunction button is still there. That will work as actual physical buttons. Cameras are keep getting interesting. It’s changing so fast and it’d be interesting 10 years later or so.

  • Anthony Burokas

    I’d like to see a list of quality Abdroid camera & image processing apps.
    The “focus” seems to be iOS but with the growing number of Android phones, (and myself just migrating from iPhone to Android) I’d love to see a list of the great video & still Android apps.

  • Jun

    The sensor near the EVF will work like when we get a call on our smart phones. So our nose will not touch the screen accidentally. It’ll give easy access of putting good photos on Instagram, Facebook or emails easily. So why not. Many people who aren’t happy with smart phone photo quality may want this.

  • Ruan Redelinghuys

    Oh boy, this will date quickly. 6 months from shelf to bin?

  • gerlos

    OMG! I could finally have a chat app and a music app on my camera! This is real innovation! ;-)
    Wondering if I will be able to play Ruzzle on it…

    Kidding aside, imho there are just 3 “extra” apps that make sense on a camera: a calendar, maps and a calculator. Other things are just distractions from that “magic moment” you want to catch.

  • dslrvideostudio

    When ever it gets release it will be interesting to how well it actually performs and delivers.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Especially when choosing focus points.