“I Don’t Even Know”: A Viral Stop-Motion Video of a Boy Riding a Broomstick

Here’s a dose of humor and creativity to put a smile on your face as we’re rounding the corner into the weekend: a Bracebridge, Ontario-based teen named Ethan Nudd created this funny — and incredibly strange — 12-second-long stop-motion video showing himself riding a broomstick. He writes,

I saw a video like this and laughed my a** off so i decided to make one of my own :) hope everyone enjoys!

The video shows you don’t need more than an outlandish idea, a camera, and some stop-motion creating skills for a viral sensation; Nudd’s video has been online for only about a week, but has already amassed nearly 4 million views!

(via Laughing Squid)

  • vdo

    its done with the iphone app “vine” and its called #brooming

  • wiedenu

    Can’t be done with Vine for multiple reasons. 1) Vine limits to 6 seconds. 2) Vine crops to an “Instagram-like” square format. 3) Vine videos live on Vine. You can’t put Vine videos on YouTube.

    Looks like it was just done with a video camera, and they took a few frames from each shot, and just edited it together. Very creative and fun to watch, though!

  • C. Diabolus

    Looks like it was influenced by this classic flick:

  • TadaoCern

    Why would you want to go viral like this? No one will remember you, you won’t get any attention from media, you won’t make any money out of it, and you wont put it on your portfolio. And at the end you’ll be embarrassed to tell anyone that you did it.

  • Michael Zhang
  • Joshua Tobias George Barrett

    Why does it all have to be about fame and profit?

  • louisleblanc

    For the lolz?

  • Sid Ceaser

    I’ll admit, I laughed because of his high pitched howl, but the fact this got 4 million views in a week only proves what rubbernecking, train-wreck watching people humans can be.

  • Ben Applegarth

    And 60years previously…
    Norman Mclaren – Neighbours
    Skip to around 2:30

  • Brian

    I remember seeing that at the theater, at an animation film festival. That was a riot! Loved it! So much quality is lost, though. Ah, well

  • agour

    ahaha that video is mental

  • wiedenu

    I meant the original video was not made with Vine.

  • Robert

    Did you miss the part where it said the kid is 12? I’m not sure he’s super concerned about a portfolio or meeting the expectations of grumpy commenters on a photography blog.