Silly ‘Shopped Photos Show Regular Guy Getting Cozy With A-List Celebrities


Self-taught Photoshop hobbyist Patrick Thorendahl has an interesting pastime that has gotten him a lot of media attention as of late: he likes to ‘shop himself into photos of A-list celebrities. The resulting shots have gone viral and earned him some 50,000+ followers on Instagram.

The whole thing started in April of last year as a way to give himself and his friends a laugh. He would Photoshop himself into a pic with Jay-Z or Rihanna and they would all get a kick out of the results. Several months later, however, the photos began to go viral on Instagram.

Speaking to Thorendahl, he made it clear that his goal here is laughter and not Photoshop proficiency. “I don’t claim to be an expert graphic designer or anything,” he explains. “I taught myself how to use Photoshop a couple of years ago and just make these pictures for fun.”

And fun is the name of the game. In an interview with The Daily Dot, Thorendahl divulged that he is planning a move to NYC, where he hopes to “help company[s] expand their social reach … [by] utilizing laughter to draw a positive response to a brand or concept.”

Here are a few of his most popular pics:










You can see more of Thorendahl’s funny Photoshopped pics over on his Instagram account, but be forewarned: some of them get a bit risqué, so no looking them up at work.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Illustrations by Patrick Thorendahl and used with permission.

  • Mike

    Followers…on Instagram…As a measure for what?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    PetaPixel… are you kidding me?

  • jonas

    The ideas are funny enough, but I find that the lighting and/or the shadow work doesn’t always match the original picture – and getting that right is the first rule of a successful composition.

  • Jay

    Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard Ford

    A list? Apart from the Bieber kid I have no idea who any of those people are…..

  • Chiko

    It’s funny, too many serious people on here getting all defensive

  • Chiko

    Just because you’re a clueless hermit doesn’t mean they are not a-listers. Get out from under your rock.

  • Richard Ford

    Riiiiight…….Just because I am not some ethnic minority underachieving kid from the USA, so I therefore have no idea whom the latest gangsta is, I must be living under a rock. You need to understand what A lister means. The fact that they can be unknown makes them not A listers. How do I sign this off? Do I drag my knuckles sideways and go “Weeeeeeest Side!” or should that be “east”? Homie?

  • Martin

    Ummm… are you joking ? Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian…

  • Monteraz

    It is sad with all the talented people out there in Flickr, 500 px or wherever, this guy is in Petapixel just because he is bored and decided to do another nerdy thing with photoshop suposedly “funny”.

  • David Di Franco

    Oh, relax. PetaPixel posts plenty of serious articles. Loosen up a bit. Also, you didn’t have to click on this article in the first place… Learn self control.

  • Bill

    At first I thought, this is a real waste of time and talent for what? But then I thought about it for a bit and thought it may not be the most productive use of time with your talents, it does create exposure if your are trying to promote yourself.

    Nowadays, everyone has a blog, a web site, twitter feed and so on. With so much information available, how do you stand out and hear your voice heard? Crazy little project stunts like this.

    Now a couple of his images looks dead on like he was there, most need a little more refining in the light and shadows department. I will say he has a talent, but needs a bit more refinement.
    Good job!

  • Richard Ford

    Umm… no.

  • Joe Mama

    Funny but gosh these are awful …

  • Chris

    Not even good photoshopping. About 1 picture actually looked remotely credible. As it has been mentioned, the colour tones, blur factor, grain of each image et al have to be very close.