New Photos of the Kodak S1 Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera


The first fruits of Kodak’s partnership with JK Imaging are starting to emerge. Chinese camera site DCFever has published some photographs of the Kodak S1, a new Micro Four Thirds camera that was announced at the beginning of the year.

The new camera will be available in black and white versions. On the front of the camera is a standard Micro Four Thirds mount and inside is a Sony-produced MFT sensor. The resolution and capabilities of the sensor have not yet been revealed.


On the back of the camera is a tilting LCD screen, which will presumably be a touchscreen based on rumors that the camera will feature apps. We also see a hot shoe, a record button, and customizable FN1/FN2 buttons.



The camera will also reportedly offer wireless connectivity through built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow for easy data transfers to mobile devices and computers.


Head on over to DC Fever for a full gallery of photographs that offer a close look at this soon-to-arrive camera.

Photography Giant Reborn: Kodak S1 Sneak Peek [DC Fever via 43 Rumors]

Image credits: Photographs by DC Fever

  • zoekatya

    This camera is ugly and looks cheep. Kodak is trying to break back into the market but this ugly typical looking Kodak digital camera is not shouting anything fresh. They need to fire their design team. What’s making waves in the micro fourth thirds work is beautiful, retro, and timeless designs. Kodak needs to hire focus groups it take ideas on what is selling in the micro fourth third world right now. Seriously Kodak get with the times. This camera is the typical backwords thinking that drowned the company in the first place. People do not want a cheepish looking futuristic piece of junk. People want what’s in style.

  • zoekatya

    This looks like every other digital camera out there. Stop playing it safe. This looks like a point and shoot. If people wanted a point and shoot they would buy one. If people wanted a DSLR they would buy a DSLR. When people think micro forth thirds these days they think of gorgeous Retro old film cameras camera users want to make a statement with there cameras. Personal style. Eastman would be rolling around in his grave. Make a camera Eastman mself would be honored to shoot with. That is how you save the company.

  • Otto

    No,George Eastman would not be rolling around in his grave. In his suicide note he said his work was finished. Also, he was cremated.