Wedding Photograph Features a Hungry T-Rex Chasing the Bridal Party


Here’s a fun wedding photo idea we’ve never seen before: dinosaur photobombing. Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based wedding photographer Quinn Miller created the photograph above this past weekend showing a hungry (and massive) T-Rex chasing after a bridal party that’s running for its life.

The photo is even better when you get up close and see the horrified facial expressions on the subjects:



Miller tells us that he had previously seen the idea somewhere, and knew that the bride and groom (Katie Young and James Lowder) would be up for it due to Lowder’s love for dinosaurs.

The setup was simple: Miller had the party stand in a clearing at the The Myrtles Plantation in Saint Francisville, Louisiana and then pretend to be running away from an invisible dinosaur. His instructions:

Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.

The fun-lovin’ bridal party was more than willing to, and the photo was snapped in a single take in a couple of minutes.

Miller then sourced a stock T-Rex photograph from iStockphoto and Photoshopped it into the background of the image. The resulting image has become quite popular online after Miller shared it through his Facebook page.

No word on whether Miller will be including Dino Photobombs as part of his standard wedding package. You can find more of his work over on his website.

(via Gawker via Doobybrain)

Image credits: Photographs by Quinn Miller and used with permission

  • MT_Nat_Photog

    That poor blonde girl on the left, worried about her bridesmaid dress, never had a chance. RIP.

  • jay


  • nameless

    Where to get a dinosaur for rental?

  • Bill Nye

    if i’m not mistaken, that was just painshopped in.

  • julian

    I’m impressed that he managed to get a stockshot of a dinosaur!

  • Mansgame

    Ugh…Why can’t people just have a nice classy wedding without acting like children? 40 years from now they’ll regret this.

  • Vlad Dusil

    Why so down?

    Why can’t they look back and think “remember when we used to be fun when we were young?”

  • Mantis

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • batman

    if you look closely, its photoshopped

  • F200

    How do you take photo of an extinct dinosaur to be sold in stockphotos in the first place?

  • Mansgame

    No because the whole photoshop themed weddings is already out of style. It’s been overdone whether it’s dinosaurs or ninjas, or mafia themed. When I look back at my parents’ wedding pictures, everybody looked their best and everything was a 1st class. When their grandkids see it, it’s something to be proud of. When these people’s grandkids see this, they’ll probably think otherwise.

  • tato

    T-rex ‘photograph’ huh? I’m going to need to see the RAW (r) file.


    Kind of a shoddy photoshop job if you ask me, especially the tail area. Cool concept nonetheless.

  • branden rio

    WHAT? I can’t hear you over the sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Kyle

    this is so unique….I love it

  • MT_Nat_Photog

    You are just mad because they were on your lawn.

  • ms

    Just use a Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens to see into the past. Easy!

  • Jake

    You’re right! The world would be way more fun if people were boring! Look at how much fun these guys are having!

  • Brandon Timothy Chin

    I’m sure the rest of their photos are “normal” looking. Can’t hurt to have one out of the ordinary fun photo.

  • Jeremy Sony

    Maybe they took the “first class” photos too. I bet they did — because it would be funny to have a really nice, put together proper photo right there on that spot, and then in the next photo a dinosaur pops out. Maybe this captures this couple’s personality better than anything else could. Whether it’s in style or overdone, maybe let the couple of the day decide how they wish to commemorate the occasion. I’m a firm believer that the wedding couple wins out over anything on their day; this is what they wanted, so why sully that? It’s not your thing, I get that; but if that’s what they wanted, it’s not your place or their future grandkids’ place to tell them they’re not classy. And honestly, what’s so wrong about acting like children now and then? There is enough seriousness and enough expectations to live up to in this world; I applaud their fun and wish them many happy kids and grandkids who look fondly upon this picture and beam with pride and appreciate that this couple didn’t let anybody tell them that this was overdone or wouldn’t be classy or talk them out of it. And seeing the personality in that couple from this one photo, I am confident they’ll raise kids and grandkids who don’t judge other people’s level of class based on photos or what they decided to do to celebrate their wedding. I’m going to stop there. As I said, it’s their day; let them have it.

  • Heidi

    Ugh…Wy can’t people just look at the photo and say “ha ha” instead of projecting their own desires on a situation which isn’t their to manipulate to begin with? 40 PetaPixel articles from now, they’ll forget this anyway.

  • Jason Wright

    Really? You think they will regret having fun on their wedding day in a way that doesn’t detract from any of the other photos?
    I think this will be one of their favorite photos for years to come. Plenty of people enjoy a “nice classy wedding” too, don’t get all uppity because this isn’t your taste.

    I think you need to loosen up a bit.

  • Jason Wright

    I was just thinking that, who took this photo? Are time travelers making money on the side selling stock photos?

    Joking aside, I can only assume it was rendered, but is it truly a “stock photo” then? “stock image” maybe but not a photo…

    Anyway, I am glad it was there because I love this shot!

  • Jason Wright

    Well said Jeremy!

  • Jason Wright

    argh, another conspiracy theorist, always with the “It’s fake! you can tell by the pixels”

  • Jason Wright

    I guess the actual photography is his area of expertise. I think he did an ok job for a wedding photographer.
    Still safer than having them chased by a real T-Rex just for a photo.

  • Kyoko Sakata

    Love it! If you find a life partner then by all means have as much fun as possible from the very start. This photo is AWESOME! Only time to be serious is when someone is dead, dying, missing or bleeding. Otherwise, laugh til it hurts and make the most of every second of you life!!!

  • Csaba

    You made my day! TY! :D

  • dada

    t-rex has a huge boner for those girls!

  • Raymond Larose

    Someone didn’t have their coffee this morning. Wow, do you scare children for their portraits to make sure they are pissed?

  • nicu

    There are animatronic dinosaurs everywhere, why would a photo of one be possible ?

  • Guest

    My parents aren’t 120 years old

  • T. Rex

    You kids get off my lawn!

  • molebomb

    400 PetaPixel articles from now they’ll be divorced.

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Nothing gets by you

  • ProtoWhalePig

    You must be a hoot at parties.

  • Vasile Barbu

    Panem et circenses…..

  • Chris


  • Dan Schear

    Looks more like a HORNY T-Rex, not hungry! Take a careful second look. You’ll see.

  • Bernard manning

    Everything was going great until the bride’s mother showed up…………

  • Froggy

    You can tell by looking at the Pixels.

  • Mark Dub

    That will only get you 120 million years back. You need to add an 2x EF extender.

  • His Wifey

    your just mad you didnt think of anything like that.. and im pretty sure your not married cuz that attitude what women would want that in there life? have some fun old man.. im sure u cant even get a boner anymore..

  • His Wifey

    it is photoshopped.. it only says it is .. lol im so glad u can read

  • daradv
  • renedrivers

    I don’t know. If I found a picture of my grandparents wedding and it had a dinosaur in it, I’d be pretty proud. Mostly because they had a sense of humor.

  • julian

    Me too, I love the idea.

  • julian

    It’s ok I kinda knew it wasn’t a real dinosaur. It’s a fun shot.

  • Khoi

    That’s the joke…

  • Khoi

    It says the photographer had previously seen the idea somewhere.