Wedding Photograph Features a Hungry T-Rex Chasing the Bridal Party


Here’s a fun wedding photo idea we’ve never seen before: dinosaur photobombing. Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based wedding photographer Quinn Miller created the photograph above this past weekend showing a hungry (and massive) T-Rex chasing after a bridal party that’s running for its life.

The photo is even better when you get up close and see the horrified facial expressions on the subjects:



Miller tells us that he had previously seen the idea somewhere, and knew that the bride and groom (Katie Young and James Lowder) would be up for it due to Lowder’s love for dinosaurs.

The setup was simple: Miller had the party stand in a clearing at the The Myrtles Plantation in Saint Francisville, Louisiana and then pretend to be running away from an invisible dinosaur. His instructions:

Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.

The fun-lovin’ bridal party was more than willing to, and the photo was snapped in a single take in a couple of minutes.

Miller then sourced a stock T-Rex photograph from iStockphoto and Photoshopped it into the background of the image. The resulting image has become quite popular online after Miller shared it through his Facebook page.

No word on whether Miller will be including Dino Photobombs as part of his standard wedding package. You can find more of his work over on his website.

(via Gawker via Doobybrain)

Image credits: Photographs by Quinn Miller and used with permission

  • Dick Kurtz

    Having their wedding on Isla Sorna seemed like such a good idea at the time.

  • Bay

    Really? Because my parents were wearing godawful 70s wedding outfits. “Their best” is now practically an oxymoron. But yeah, you take your crappy photos, and let these people have their fun unique shots.

  • Edd

    The edit of the dinosaur is really poor. How did this ever go viral?

  • glasgowphotographer

    You’re right. BBC News ran this story and showed other images from the wedding; they are all very attractive shots in the standard ‘storybook’ style, with everyone looking their best. The T-Rex shot was a one-off, just for fun. The Grinches here should lighten up!

  • hey

    those faces are so funny

  • cas_e

    This article has some of the best comments I’ve seen in ages.

  • SunnyDeigo

    Your generation act like kids. Don’t know how to cook, fix anything around the house or drive. Just text and act like you are still in McDonald’s Playland. And you wonder why you can’t find jobs?

  • SunnyDeigo

    They had way more fun because they had sex with everyone without having to use a condom. Oh, you don’t know how much better sex feels when it is real.

  • SunnyDeigo

    I don’t see any ugly tattoos in the photo. That’s a start toward classiness instead of imitating the proletariat.

  • Carol Sue Smith

    People need to just relax and don’t be so judgmental if the couple likes it then it is a success. I personally would have liked something like this for my wedding photos.

  • Laura

    Sometimes people like to actually have fun.

  • Damien

    If I’m not mistaken I think it’s a toy T-Rex made by Shleich. I remember selling that guy last year when I worked in a toy store.

  • mccall

    Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments against this. I’m a wedding photographer and I work for the Bride. If she wants something like this, then I do it. As a matter of fact, just this past weekend they showed this image to me and wanted to know if I could do something like it, and I did – not near as perfect as this image though. My group is running off a dock with a toy sea serpent in the lake behind them. But rest assured, we have a multitude of very romantic and traditional shots.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Ahhh, spoken like every other generation before the current one. So f*cking predicatable.

  • WeddingPinit PhotoWeb

    Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

  • ArgleBjargle

    Berry crebbah!