UltraPlate Gives Your Camera Two Tripod Mounting Points On the Cheap


About a month ago, we shared a Kickstarter for something called the Fusion Plate. The product made it easy to go from using a sling-style strap — something many photographers prefer to the traditional — to using a tripod without having to mess with screwing anything in.

The Fusion Plate has since far-surpassed its funding goal, but if you didn’t get a chance to buy one of those, or if the $65 price tag was just a little out of reach, the folks at JOBY have announced a more affordable alternative.

JOBY’s product is called the UltraPlate, and it, like the Fusion Plate, allows you to go from tripod to sling strap and back seamlessly. There are two main differences between the two options: the UltraPlate lets you keep both strap and tripod connected simultaneously, and it only runs you $20.

Here’s a short video that shows how the UltraPlate works:

Quality-wise, the UltraPlate is made of machined aluminum that has been hard anodized so that you know you’re getting something that is both dependable and long-lasting.

Cheaper though it is, the plate also boasts more versatility than the Fusion Plate. Whether you use an Manfrotto tripod or not, you can still use the UltraPlate. It comes with the Arca-Swiss dovetail, but it also allows you to attach any QR plate to one of the extra mounting holes — no need to choose.


The downside to the UltraPlate is that once something is screwed in to one of the mounting holes, that’s where it has to stay. If you want the option to quickly release your sling strap before mounting your SLR to the tripod, you’ll have to purchase an additional accessory loop.

To learn more about JOBY’s UltraPlate or perhaps pick one up for yourself, head over to the company’s website by clicking here.

  • craig

    Interesting idea… The thing I don’t like about this one is with all the additional parts screwed on, it would be more likely to have something unscrew. The last thing I want is my camera to drop because a screw backed out. I’ve been in the field and have had the basic Black Rapid hook unscrew itself because of the pressure on it from the strap hanging at my side. Its also always a good idea to have the strap removed when on a tripod for long exposure shake. There is no ideal solution but I like the hook of the fusion plate better… The ideal solution will be if someone comes out with a hook on an L plate. Maybe one soon to come with all of these announcements lately.

  • jason

    You can do the same thing with a spider holster

  • Student

    My solution has been to attach a RRS quick release to the BR strap. This allows me to go from strap to tripod much faster than with the carabiner on the strap.

    In addition, I put a small RRS plate on another strap (different manufacturer, but still like a BR strap). I can attach this one to the tripod so that I can carry both tripod and camera without burdening myself with other things. I chose to use the RRS plate since it means that my tripod is always just a quick screw away from the right size for the camera.

  • orb2k

    Do you have an pictures of your setup? How do you mount your BR strap hook so it stays flush when mounting on the tripod?