10 Best Camera Straps in 2023

We can spend hours poring over buying guides and recommendations for the fanciest, most expensive pieces of kit to complete our bag as photographers, but in all that excitement, there is one crucial piece of our arsenal that can be overlooked. It hardly qualifies as a bell or a whistle and no one will drool with envy at the sight of it, but it is absolutely one of the most important purchases you will make: the camera strap.

UltraPlate Gives Your Camera Two Tripod Mounting Points On the Cheap

About a month ago, we shared a Kickstarter for something called the Fusion Plate. The product made it easy to go from using a sling-style strap -- something many photographers prefer to the traditional -- to using a tripod without having to mess with screwing anything in.

The Fusion Plate has since far-surpassed its funding goal, but if you didn't get a chance to buy one of those, or if the $65 price tag was just a little out of reach, the folks at JOBY have announced a more affordable alternative.

Seamlessly Flow from Shoulder Strap to Tripod with the Fusion Plate

About a year and a half ago, photographer David Fliger of Fusion Photo Gear found himself in a field, rushing to mount his camera onto a tripod in order to get a shot of a tractor in the fading light. There was only one problem: he already had his sling-style shoulder strap attached via the accessory loop that was sitting where his quick release plate would normally be.

It was a problem he ran into all too often (both used the 1/4" accessory hole on the bottom of his camera) and one he made up his mind that day that he would solve. That's when the Fusion Plate was born.