Surreal Photos of Women Floating in Zero Gravity by Nikolay Tikhomirov

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Moscow-based photographer Nikolay Tikhomirov describes the photographs he’s taken as “art inside me” — and that’s just what they are, art.

One of his collections, dubbed ‘Zero Gravity‘ is series of images featuring women in Earthly environments floating as if they’ve escaped the confines of our planet’s gravity. Some appear to be well aware of their surroundings, whilst others are seemingly in the midst of a slumber, oblivious to their dream-like condition.

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay 4

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Zero Gravity Nikolay

Quite obviously, some level of manipulation is likely involved to achieve such remarkable creations, though it’s unclear just what Tikhomirov does specifically to achieve such effects. These images aren’t the first of their kind. Many photographers have created the illusion of floating subjects in their shots.

Simply put, snapping this type of image involves the layering and masking of multiple photographs of the same scene and lighting in order to hide the support device that is propping up the picture’s subject. The complexity varies depending on the scene – but this at least gives you some indication as to how you yourself can try to replicate zero gravity. Here’s one of many tutorials available.

For more of Tikhomirov’s inspiring work, you can view his 500px and 35Photo galleries.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Nikolay Tikhomirov and used with permission

  • Koke Momo

    Very lovely.
    I have a professor who did a series of floating women a couple years back. Its quite interesting to see these types of pieces.

  • David F Parmenter

    Vapid. Meaningless. Inane.
    Objectifying women, yet again.

  • Jeremy Madore

    I particularly enjoy the second to last. Something about the length of the dress and the colors come together to create a strong image. I enjoy the scratch layer that he uses here, but find myself wondering if the horizon should be corrected slightly.

    While the subject matter certainly isn’t unique, the effort and execution of the technique (whatever he used) is quite good.

  • Vlad Dusil

    I bet you are real fun to hang with on the weekends. And weekdays, too.

  • Jeff

    I don’t care about anything else on the site. I just love this comment. Cried. Thanks for this. :)

  • Jake

    Stop talking in the 3rd person.

  • DamianM


    Isn’t this fad over yet?

  • Stan

    I was going to say this isn’t surrealism. More like, magical realism. But you’re also right–at least Georges Melies or Andrei Tarkovsky had reasoning behind their (moving?) images of floating women.

    Now, who’s going to start the fad of “surreal photos of men floating in zero gravity?” ;)

  • Raymond Larose

    I felt he was objectifying the windows. @purseblog:disqus – best comment ever. That’s awesome.

  • Raymond Larose

    To Nikolay – I really enjoy this style – I think they came out really nice.

  • Kevin Dean

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  • Daniel Thomassin

    Bonjour; Superbe !!

  • MS

    …yawn. I think most of them suffer from poor composition and in general it looks like an advanced college photoshop class.

  • Bored

    How creative…

  • pearl_zadora

    These works are amazing. Very nice.