Agency Films First Underwater Time Slice in South Africa for Mineral Water Ad


Portugal’s Krypton Films, in collaboration with production company Moonlighting and marine support company Frog Squad, recently succeeded in filming what they claim to be South Africa’s first ever underwater time slice for an Aqua Das Pedras mineral water commercial.

Led by Director Augusto Fraga and helped by time slice technician Jono O’Connel and Frog Squad photographer Jason Martin, they put together an underwater bullet time rig that consisted of 28 Canon T3i’s and a Phantom for slow motion video footage.

All of these cameras were kept safe using DiCAPac underwater housings as they captured NCIS actress Daniella Ruah performing an underwater dance routine in a specialized diving tank at the Simonstown naval base.

Here’s how the ad turned out:

To see more underwater work done by Frog Squad, head over to the company’s website by clicking here.

(via Orms Connect)

  • mat

    nice rig, poor effect…

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    For the amount of work that was put into this, Im rather disappointed in the end result.

  • Chad

    I think the editing is the problem, not the footage. They barley showed any “bullet time” at all which is the whole point of that uber expensive rig.

  • Sandro

    They used thi equipment in a very bad way, IMO.

  • Maniack13

    Amateurs! go find another job to do…. money for nothing!

  • Nicole

    Well well Maniack and Sandro, maybe you should be posting some of your underwater timeslices? Because with all the hot air you two are blowing out it better be mind blowing and technically brilliant (oh.. and FYI budget does not allow for days and weeks of testing, its rig, go down 7m and shoot) … Oh wait… you’ve never done an underwater timeslice? tisk tisk….

  • Leonardo Abreu

    A bit too fast… ^^

  • niXerKG

    I applaud the effort. I was expecting a full rotation matrix style bullet effect but I understand why it was short, although too short.

    Finding a place to drop a full 360 rig + getting all the equipment for it would be crazy expensive and there would be TONS of post to remove the camera rig from every bubble that it would have been easier to just do it all in post.

  • Anonymous

    Água das Pedras. Daniela Ruah. This commercial is about 1 year…