Redditors Pitch In to Help Restore an 87-Year-Old Grandfather’s WWII Photo


Redditor Steven Withey‘s grandfather Derek is an 87-year-old WWII veteran who served in the Royal Navy, and a little while back he showed his grandson a badly damaged Navy photo (of a photo) of himself as a 20-year-old.

He had showed him the photo in the hopes that his technologically savvy grandson could maybe touch it up a bit, but given the massive creases and tears he didn’t have much hope. It turns out he needn’t have worried, because in this particular case, Reddit came to the rescue.


Withey uploaded the original photo to Reddit and asked if anybody could help touch it up for his awesome WWII veteran grandfather. Reddit delivered in spades. After several iterations and three painstaking hours of editing by user Dave Humphreys, we have the photo below.

The cracks and creases are gone, the table in the background is no more, the distortion that resulted from this being a photo of a photo was removed, and Withey’s granddad even reclaimed some hair that wasn’t in the original crop.


Finally, in order to wrap this story up nicely and show the kind editors on Reddit just how much of an impact they made, Withey had his girlfriend videotape him as he showed his grandfather what the Internet had done in his honor:

(via Laughing Squid)

  • analogworm

    That’s pretty awesome!

  • 2wk

    That’s a piece of cake restration….

  • Richard

    It’s a great restoration job and a great thing to do. Bravo.

  • faker

    The after picture look noisier.. hehehehehe. Good job anyway.

  • Guest

    He should have asked 4chan.

  • Duke Shin

    He should have asked 4chan /p/. We’re always glad to help out.

  • BDWT

    Damn… Redditors have skills after all!

  • Mantis

    I just love it when people come down here to the comment section just to take a sh*t on a nice story.

  • Charles Stafford

    nicely done

  • Robert

    They even ironed his shirt! :) Great job making strangers happy.

  • Mauricio Andres Ramirez Lozada

    “Restoration” its a piece of cake of a word to type, yet you managed to fail, not a good sign.

  • Cochese

    Moving story… But that photo would have taken no more than fifteen to twenty minutes to restore. Using G.I.M.P. 1.0 no less. Seriously, there is almost nothing wrong with it!

  • Stewart Doyle

    I’ve done a few like that myself, old family pictures. It’s also how I discovered my grandfather looked like Robert Picardo when he was younger.