Embarrassing Photoshop Fail Illustrates a Presidential Handshake Gone Wrong


North Korea has a history of Photoshop fails, so you think the country’s neighbor to the south would take heed and keep a close watch on manipulation. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as the above photo painfully clearly illustrates.

The photo — chosen by South Korean news outlet Yonhap to illustrate their coverage of President Park Geun-Hye’s recent visit with President Obama — shows the two leaders shaking hands. The only problem is that they seem to be standing in different rooms … and President Obama has two right arms.

To say this is a Photoshop fail is almost an understatement. Yonhap (who happens to be South Korea’s leader in news) seems to have taken two separate photos, cropped them, and slapped them together without even looking twice at the result.

According to the Atlantic Wire, the half of the photo with President Park in it actually came from a different event in which she shook hands with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:


The strangest part of this story is that there were plenty of legitimate photos of the two leaders shaking hands all throughout President Park’s visit, making us think that this may not be so much a Photoshop fail as a split-screen photo gone wrong.

It’s not like they were trying to fake an event that didn’t happen, they were simply trying to illustrate a handshake between the two leaders. Still, next time, they might wanna chose two photos that don’t make for such an awkward composite.

(via The Atlantic Wire)

  • Adam Cross

    I don’t think they’re trying to show them shaking hands, but simply two recent photos of them both to illustrate the story, no idea why they couldn’t have picked photos of them actually shaking hands but that’s NK for you. ^_^

  • Mansgame

    It’s pretty funny whatever it is.

  • Damean Ravichandra

    Except… it was SK

  • Mauricio Andres Ramirez Lozada

    i guess someone thought it was funny and… the editors did too

  • Sean

    I’m so disappointed with the use of “fail” as a noun. That’s not what I expect from PetaPixel at all. You’re a great site, with great articles and great writing – not a lame Youtube commenter.

  • TadaoCern

    First world problems

  • MarvinB7

    The term is, at this point, affixed to our vernacular. It carries concise and clear meaning. #memefail ;)

  • Laura York


  • Rob S

    Yonhap is pure government propaganda. Calling it a “news” is being VERY generous.

  • Rob S

    Dude dont know what is worse – that you didn’t read the story or that you thought North Korea had a female leader…and that President Obama met with ANY North Korean leader.

  • Duke Shin

    Today was sad day here at Yonhap News. Our senior editor die because he leave ceiling fan on while sleep.

    When he die, he collapse and his face slide mouse which on accident drag this picture on top of other picture.

  • Adam Cross

    I wrote SK originally, but I skimmed back through and saw NK at the top, my bad

  • Adam Cross

    I skimmed, only really caught NK at the top there, my bad – it was 2am, too sleepy to read properly =D

  • Manuel Montoya

    I’ve been reading petapixel for years. I am very disappointed. Shame on you for sharing this crap with such deceiving Title.

  • Rob S

    LOL. I hear you on sleepy.

  • ambassador douchebag

    Of course Obama has 2 right arms – the second one is usually in my hip pocket. :)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Seems legit