Random Acts of Kindness Captured by Car Dashcams in Russia

When a huge meteor exploded over Russia back in February, the incident was captured by a large number of drivers who drive around with dashcams pointed out the front of their windshield. The story put a spotlight on the fact that dashcams are widely used in Russia due to the prevalence of insurance fraud.

Footage from Russian dashcams found online is often quite dark (figuratively, not literally), showing horrible accidents and tragedies. Not so with the video above — it’s a compilation of random acts of kindness captured by ordinary drivers.


It’s a video that may restore some of your faith in humanity. “The world isn’t without good people,” a sentence found in the video says, “Any act can become one of great kindness if it is done selflessly. When was the last time you did a good deed?”

The video shows many scenes of people doing good to one another, from men and boys helping elderly ladies cross the street, to people brushing snow off cars and lifting/pushing them back onto the road, to people protecting a family of ducks and a baby (?!?) from oncoming cars.

If you’d like to see a video that’s similar both in subject matter and in style, check out the “happy moments” security camera compilation we shared last June. For that video, Coke took a bunch of happy security camera clips and strung them together into a feel-good video.


  • Michael Spotts

    This meant a lot to me, thanks for posting it. I confess I got choked up. Especially for the man with crutches who had fallen. My father became severely disabled a few years and things like that happen to him pretty regularly. He refuses to just lay in bed (he’s 50) but ends up needing help from good Samaritans. If I could repay all the people who have been kind to him, I would, but true humanity is priceless.

  • brandon

    nice to see. snow, i hate snow, and 420 in i saw wolverine.

  • Geetali

    This was so moving. A good reminder of humanity in our troubled times.

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting. I firmly believe that most are good. If the ‘NEWS’ has you down and believing that the world is a bad place. Get out of the house and volunteer for a charity or non-profit. It does not matter what it is, just get out and do it. You will be shocked at the number of people volunteering and giving their time and effort to just make things a little better. You will see the world a little differently.

  • manuel liano

    If only NEWS, reports this kind of act, it will be a “not a little different” if not a BIG one!!! there is hope for this planet…

  • Kris

    This video is amazing! it show that their still good people living among us in a world dominated by evil moments.


  • kizi 2

    Yes, help the elderly, people who are difficult job very well, I will learn a lot