Photoboop: A Portable, Battery-Powered Photo ‘Booth’ that Sets Up in Seconds


Photo booths are seeing a renaissance in the world of photography recently. We’re not so much talking about the photo booths you’ll find at the mall, where you feed them a dollar and they take your picture. We’re talking about little contraptions that pros are building/buying nowadays and bringing along with them to parties and wedding shoots.

One great example is the Instagram-inspired DIY photo booth put together by Alexander Morris. Unfortunately, that one required a bit of electrical DIY skill to put together yourself, so for those of you looking for something similar minus the DIY part, Photoboop may be the perfect solution.


Photoboop is a portable, battery-powered add-on that turns any DSLR into a photo booth. You just strap it to your tripod, connect the Photoboop using the remote cable and … that’s it.

Anyone at the event can walk up, press the green button, and have 4 pictures snapped of them and their friends in quick succession. And when you’re not at an event, you can use the Photoboop’s intervalometer feature to snap time-lapses.


The Photoboop comes in two models, black acrylic for $180 or wood for $190. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to keep and use as many times as you see fit. Alternatively, if you’re not interested in dropping almost 200 bucks on a Photoboop of your own — or if you don’t have a camera to use with it — they have also built a rentable version.

For more info or to grab/rent one yourself, head over to the Photoboop website by clicking here.

(via Resource Magazine)

  • agour

    so it’s a big weighty box that just presses the shutter four times?

    forgive me if this sounds ignorant, but this it the most pointless thing I’ve ever seen. A cable release would do the same thing, I can’t see any benefits that it offers for $170 (the cost on top of a cable release).

  • lidocaineus

    Actually you’re way off – it’s $169 for $1 more to include the counter display and intervalometer.

    Yeah this is really weird. Maybe the article is missing some other features in this thing, otherwise, it’s a huge rip off.

  • niXerKG

    Oh man this has “EOD teams were called to…” written all over it.

  • bob cooley

    The link is bad – it should be the main domain page is mostly blank (bad for a sales website)

  • Matt Walker

    Doesn’t a photobooth also print out a picture for a guest?
    From the site:
    “Where’s the prints?We noticed that modern photo booth users immediately whip out their phones, take a picture of their strip, and post it online.”

    Uh, no. Some people also do that but still have the original print, mine are all over my fridge.