More Olympus E-P5 Photos Leaked, Show Revamped UI and New External EVF

Less than a week after first photos of the upcoming Olympus E-5 leaked onto the web, new photos have emerged showing additional views of the flagship Micro Four Thirds camera.

The photographs were published by Japanese camera site Digicam-info. The photograph above shows that the camera’s rear button layout has been redesigned. For comparison, here’s the backside of the E-P3, which the E-P5 will be replacing:


Here’s another view of the backside, this time with a new VF-4 external electronic viewfinder attached on the top of the camera:


The viewfinder is reportedly produced by Epson, and is rumored to be a 2.3-million-dot EVF.

There was also a new view of the top of the camera that leaked out:


As we wrote last week, the camera is deigned to mimic the look of Olympus’ old PEN F SLR film cameras. This is evident from the front view, which very closely resembles the old bodies:


The latest word is that the E-P5 will be officially unveiled sometime around May 9th or 10th, 2013. The camera will feature the same 16-megapixel sensor as the popular Olympus OM-D EM-5, and will likely be the first Olympus camera to offer focus peaking for easier manual focusing.

(via Digicam-info via 43 Rumors)

  • 4323423423

    they manage to make every new version uglier….

  • R E Casper

    Well, lookie there… a Black 17mm 1.8….

  • Mike

    That separate viewfinder approach is becoming really annoying.
    At least give me a simple “tunnel” through the camera so I have at least some kind of viewfinder until I decide to buy one (if the camera’s even worth it).

  • Silvia

    reminds me of the pentax mx-1… which I hope gets upgraded to mx-2 with interchangeable lenses next year :)

  • Leif Sikorski

    I really like the design and their strategy with the viewfinder.
    1) you can take it off if you don’t need it so they keep the camera smaller
    2) you can tilt it which is impossible with build-in evfs
    3) you can upgrade old cameras to a better EVF – might use it with the E-PL5

  • Scott Stamile

    You could use an optical viewfinder like the vf-1 if you plan to stick with a 17mm focal length.

  • Scott Stamile

    So, did they just move the dial on the rear directional pad to the front, or does this have three separate dials now?

  • gochugogi

    Sorta a Fuji X series vibe now…

  • gochugogi

    If you use primes, there are lots of old clip-on optical viewfinders in pawnshops/ebay, as well as new ones from Olympus (VF-1), Panasonic, Leica, Voigtlander, etc. I use the VF-1 on my E-P3 with the 17 1.8 (within bright lines) and it also works great with the Panasonic 14 2.5 outside the bright lines.

  • Leo Ls Liu

    Is the grip still changeable? I love the concept of changeable grip, it is the part easiest deteriorate

  • hard as snails

    wow! you troll everywhere

  • John

    Please, give us back the built in viewfinder with exposure information in as well, for now we have to thank Fujifilm for the X100/X100s and the x20, let’s hope the trend takes on for real!

  • Duke Shin

    Uglier? It looks like the classic Pen F.

  • Mantis

    Looks like it might be time to trade up from my E-PL2

  • Mike

    Yeah, they could clear some room by removing the tiny useless flash.