Explore Hong Kong’s ‘Vertical Horizon’ in These Reverse-Vertigo Inducing Photos


We’ve seen some pretty crazy, vertigo-inducing rooftopping and skyscraper photography in the past, but French photographer and graphic artist Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze‘s “Vertical Horizon” photo series takes the opposite approach to yield a similar awe-inspiring effect.

Jacquet-Lagrèze first touched down in Hong Kong in 2009, and immediately fell in love with the city’s juxtaposition of brand new skyscrapers right next to traditional tong lau buildings. He eventually realized that the unifying aspect of all of these places is the awe they leave you in when you look straight up.

Made up of gorgeous architecture shots of swirling staircases and towering highrises, the Vertical Horizon series explores Hong Kong in an unconventional way. Jacquet-Lagrèze calls it “a photographic journey between the buildings of a relentlessly growing city.” Whatever it is, it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a selection of photos from the Vertical Horizon series:











You can see more of Jacquet-Lagrèze’s Hong Kong photography by visiting his website. Or, if you really like the project, you can purchase his 160-page Vertical Horizon hardcover book — illustrated by 86 beautiful color plates — for 380 Hong Kong Dollars (about $36 US) at this link.

Image credits: Photographs by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze and used with permission.

  • Richard

    Excellent collection. Thanks for posting.

  • Trythe1

    I agree

  • Leonardo Abreu

    I’m dizzy… :)

  • Steven Alan

    My neck started aching looking at these. weird.

    Great photos though.

  • Adam Cross

    I wonder how much his neck hurts. ^_^

  • Colly Fitz

    What lens did he use can anyone guess?

  • noisejammer

    I’d guess it was very wide – perhaps a 15 or 17 mm equivalent. The low distortion leans me toward the 17, but that could have been fixed in post.
    Some photographers are using the TSE-17 on a medium format (iirc 48×36) sensor.

  • noisejammer

    I love the images – so I had a look at the online store. I’m totally happy with the price of the book but HKD 200 (around USD 26) pushed it completely off my want list :(

  • lidocaineus

    I take it you don’t buy many photo books. Most of them are WAY more than that.

  • noisejammer

    Sorry – missed your reply. The $36 price for the book is fine but $26 shipping from HK is (imo) fairly excessive.