Epic Ice Nights Shoot Captures a Climber Scaling a Massive Ice Wall in the Dark

Photographer Ray Demski recently teamed up with climber Alex Luger to shoot a project he’s dubbed “Ice Nights.” Shot entirely at night using several powerful flash units and a medium format camera, the shoot looked to take ice climbing photography to a whole new level.

The idea was to go on location and get some studio-quality shots of Luger climbing a massive ice wall at night — an idea we’ve only seen tried once before. To make it happen, Demski enlisted the help of several assistants and a whole load of gear including three Broncolor Move 1200 L’s and an IQ180 w/ 645DF courtesy of Phase One.

They chose a location near a bridge that would give them the most flexibility lighting-wise, and got to work. Flashes were set up above and below the main ice pillar, in addition to assistants hanging from ropes on the sides, to get the scene lit just right.

Here are a few of Demski’s final shots and one behind the scenes pic:

Ice Nights in Avers CH with Alex Luger

Ice Nights in Avers CH with Alex Luger

Ice Nights in Avers CH with Alex Luger

Ice Nights in Avers CH with Alex Luger


The video at the top takes you behind the scenes at this epic shoot, but if you want to skip straight to the incredible pictures of Luger on the ice wall, click here to head over to Demski’s website and browse the entire mind-blowing gallery

(via Red Bull Illume)

Image credits: Photographs by Ray Demski

  • Eric

    Keith Ladzinski was the first to do this, I believe, in Ouray, a number of years ago…

  • guest

    I don’t know. The shots are nice, but I didn’t think they were that impressive, nice though, really nice.
    I don’t mean to bring someone down, they are really nice, but out of all the shots on his site, I thought the last 3 were the best, the shots of the climber and other guy.

    Not saying I could do better, but with all the gear and the high end equipment, I just expected more detailed results or something.

    I know, I get some slack for posting this, but hey, just calling it as I see it. Art is subjective.

    And no, not posting as guest to hide, just don’t like registering with Disqus, that’s all.

  • Ms

    God I hate dubstep.

  • Scott

    Thanks for sharing. I think theses would have looked better in dusk light. 10 minutes of shooting when the ambient blue dusk light is balanced with his strobes and a headlamp Alex is wearing. Ambient light seems too dark in these images. I’ve photographed a lot of ice climbing and way prefer daytime shots. I like your style of trying something new though. Also, I’ve used speedlights and they work pretty well. Certainly not as large a light source but way easier to carry in and set up and the differences are not that great. They generally have enough power. I have hauled big lights in for rock climbing and found it to be a total pain and not much of a benefit relative to speedlights.