Upcoming Nokia ‘EOS’ Phone May Pack a 41-Megapixel Camera and Quad-Core


Hey Canon: get ready to have your toes stepped on. Nokia is reportedly prepping two new flagship smartphones for launch, and the two devices are rumored to have ‘EOS’ branding and a huge focus on high-quality photography.

According to sources of My Nokia Blog, the smartphone will indeed carry EOS branding — something we reported back in February. However, they write that there are two models floating around for testing rather than a single device.

Although the models are nearly identical specs, they differ in processor power: one is a dual-core processor and the other is a quad-core (both are said to run Snapdragon 800). The issue at the moment appears to be power consumption: if Nokia cannot squeeze enough battery life out of the quad-core variant, they may end up releasing the less powerful version.

The Nokia EOS will reportedly follow after its predecessor, the 808 PureView, by packing a 41-megapixel sensor

The Nokia EOS will reportedly follow after its predecessor, the 808 PureView, by packing a 41-megapixel sensor

Anyhow, onto the photography-related aspects of the device(s). The EOS smartphone will reportedly pack a beastly camera that’s similar to its predecessor, the 808 PureView. It would presumably use the same sensor-stacking technology used by the 808, which captures 41 megapixels but then (optionally) condenses the pixels into a higher-quality 5-megapixel photo.

Other reported specs of the EOS phone include a Xenon and LED flash unit, an AMOLED screen, optical image stabilization, an expandable microSD card slot, and a variable aperture lens.

In terms of announcement and availability, the EOS may be arriving sometime in the near future with AT&T exclusivity. After 1-3 months on the market, it will be made available to a wider customer base.

This ‘EOS’ news comes a month after another rumored emerged regarding Google packing a Nikon camera module into its upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone. Grab your popcorn, y’all — the smartphone photography wars are only just beginning!

  • Daire

    Huh, I don’t understand the “Hey Canon: get ready to have your toes stepped on” comment. Is Nokia branding this with ‘EOS, we’ve in they’ve partnered with Canon’ to some extent ? Or ‘EOS, we’re going to just slap it onto the phone to try and associate ourselves with one of the market leaders in digital photography’ ? If it’s the first then Canon is in on the game. If it’s the second then I see lawsuits in their very near future…

  • lidocaineus

    Exactly – it sounds like the latter, to which you’re correct – Canon would hit them with a lawsuit so fast that I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Neoracer Xox

    41 Megapixels?!?!? or 20 upsampled?! LMAO



  • Renato Murakami

    But EOS as in what? Electro-Optical System from Canon?
    And it’s comming with W8, Android or what?
    See, I have a Lumia 808, and I have to say: yes, it’s all that.
    I’ve been taking lots of pics with it, with quite good results – plain the best coming out of a cellphone camera, and it’s topping lots of point ‘n shoot cameras I had in the past.
    What cripples it though is the lack of image stabilization and the damn OS.
    Given that I know that I’m asking a bit too much for it to have good image stabilization on top of that, but with those processors they’ll probably fix the OS part.
    Well, other than the EOS logo and the processor, it’s exactly the same thing as the 808… Xenon flash, looks and all. We all kinda expected for this to happen sooner or later – Nokia releasing a Lumia 808 with better OS.
    Depending on pricing, I’ll probably send my current 808 to my mom, who doesn’t need all the smartphone features but will put the camera to good use, and buy one of those for me.

  • Jim

    Less Megapixles and More Ultrapixels

  • Daire

    yeah given the emphasis placed on the camera over the phone they’ll almost certainly have to change it before launch.

  • Arnold Newman

    That’s got to be licensed. It’s not just the term they’re using. I believe it’s the font too. Surprising that Canon would allow EOS to be associated with a cell phone though – and an ugly one at that. And with a Zeiss lens. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a Zeiss lens other than, from Canon’s perspective, it’s not a Canon lens.)

  • Igor Ken

    This is just silly. Nokia doesn’t even support any cool app for image editing and I don’t know if it has instagram. Even if I was to just switch to Nokia from any iOS device, I’d still have to always bump pictures to an iPod or iPhone to edit/upload them… no point really. What is cool about mobile photography? -On the go editing and sharing. Who has the best apps for that? Apple.

    Also, I hope that no one buys this phone instead of a camera. Cause them pixels ain’t gonna make up for a nice huge sensor they don’t have.

  • Igor Ken

    get a sony rx100 and see what your nokia tops XD

    nokia and their windows os can’t compete with camera smartphones like the iPhone… they should be developing some apps instead of building the ugliest phones in the century.

    FCS, check some apps like Camera+, PicTapGo, VSCOcam for iOS.
    android and windows phone manufacturers should be investing in the portability of the best apps to their platforms instead!

  • Igor Ken

    btw those are not the actual product shots, just some pics of the 808 PV, with EOS just written over xD

  • Ygor Durães de Oliveira

    Damn just give me 18 Mp and RAW.

  • Mike

    Get outta here Nokia!
    Go rearrange your letters, then it’ll suit you nicely :D

  • Mike

    Actually…change the A to N and read backwards….NIKON SCAM!

  • Antonio Carrasco

    If it had full manual controls it would be better than having raw. You could get it right in the camera.

  • Federico Montemurro

    Again the MP as a measure of quality!

  • Jay

    Nokia needs better OS than the camera :-)

  • Jay

    What I like in Nokia is their ‘original’ design. They doesnt copy from others.

  • Kazim Hasan

    AND you post on a photography related site. How pathetic could your comment be. I am beyond count.

  • Duke Shin

    YAAAY I always wanted more megapickles for muh phone becasue my phone’s 14 megapickles was never enough for my billboards.
    -said nobody ever.

  • Andy

    EOS is a trademark of Canon. There is no way Nokia would release a phone with an emphasis on its camera and attach the EOS name to it. EOS, if indeed that’s been used at all (your source is second hand information from a rumour site) will just be a development name. Nokia’s branding for their camera technology is ‘Purview’ their windows phone range is Lumia.

  • 9inchnail

    It is the font but it’s not a real, official photo, just a mockup.

  • Ygor Durães de Oliveira

    Getting full manual control is easy with 3rd party apps. RAW is another story.

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Said lots of people. Many still believe megapixels are a measure of quality. They are wrong, but they believe.

  • Mark Tan

    No other phone camera has essentially a processed 4.0 micrometer pixel size when taking 5mp images… anyone on a dedicated photography site would realize the advantages of having this type of power in a pocketable handheld device that makes phone calls. Obviously it’s miniscule relative to a DLSR, but for a point and shoot?

    Who needs to edit, then share when the photos can be uploaded without using an app to make it seem better than it was? The primary reason for the ungodly amount of MP was to create a sensor that supported a “lossless” digital zoom and to do pixel binning magic on the fly – essentially creating a higher probability for a best shot scenario. Include a xenon flash that brings adds instant daylight to a dark room, and it’s a very multiuse device. And ability to record sound up to 130db with no distortion.

    There is very little to complain about unless all you think about is how to instagram your next photo.

    My opinion only, the purpose of an enhancement app and the ecosystem is to create a smokescreen to hide weaknesses of its hardware.

  • Ryan

    Actually, Canon did not make any (TM) or (R) behind EOS, this mean they are not concerning any use of the word ‘EOS’. There is a cosmetic brand which also use ‘EOS’…

  • Igor Ken

    So you never use lightroom to enhance your images taken with your dslr? Your point doesn’t invalidate mine. I want to edit the pictures, they look a lot more interesting after a light editing. Nokia doesn’t let me do it the way I want. The pictures that come from the beastly 41mpx sensor may be better than the pictures from an iPhone 5, but what’s the point if I can’t do what I want to do with them? Yes I use the phone camera to instagram my next photo. If I need portability I use a 20mpx point and shoot camera which is better than the nokia’s camera and it’s same size.

    On a second note, why make everything instagram related sound lame? I do use instagram, I enjoy it and it actually helps me improve my photographic skills because I can practice EVERYDAY. I discovered a lot of interesting people to follow and yes the pictures edited with a good app do have a certain look many people like. What’s wrong with it?

    Xenon flash is good, but who needs it in a phone? No good pictures will come out using a built in flash anyway… or maybe I am wrong (sorry if I am)

  • Nizam Isa

    I prefer “Gigapixel” … another ten year “Terapixel” perhaps?

  • genotypewriter

    The purpose of raw is not for compensating for shooting errors.

  • Marvin8

    No they doesn’t.

  • crazyeddie

    the 808 isn’t a lumia.

  • IanRutherford

    Mmmmmmmmm, sounds like a very satisfactory little item …

  • Genkakuzai

    Yeah they’re real good at making horrible looking stuff, that much is clear.

  • Rockne Andrew Roll

    When it said “EOS phone,” I was really hoping for a smart phone that took Canon EF lenses. Dissapointed. Also, yeah, where are the lawyers on this?