Ricoh GR Digital V to Become the World’s Smallest APS-C Sensor Camera


Back in January, we reported that Ricoh’s upcoming GR Digital V camera will be the first in the series to feature a large APS-C sensor. Now, a video has leaked that not only confirms that sensor size, but reveals much more about the camera as well.

Here’s a video that Mirrorless Rumors received and published today. It’s an English language introduction to the new GR camera:

From the video, we learn that Ricoh is indeed moving from the smaller 1/1.77-inch CCD sensor it used in the past to a relatively giant APS-C 16.2MP CMOS sensor — the same size and type found in many DSLR cameras. The camera will be the smallest digital camera to feature an APS-C sensor.


Inside the camera is a GR Engine V processor, which gives the camera speed. It has a startup and shutdown time of 1 second, 0.2 second autofocus, and 4 frame per second continuous shooting.

On the front of the camera is a 18.3mm f/2.8 lens that’s the equivalent to a 28mm in 35mm terms.

Turn the camera around, and you’ll find a large 3-inch LCD screen for reviewing and framing shots (the camera doesn’t have a built-in viewfinder).


The side of the camera features a convenient “Effects” button for applying various effects to your photos.



Give the video above a watch if you’d like to learn more about this camera before it’s officially announced. We’ll learn more about pricing and availability when that happens.

  • G

    “a video has leaked” so.. it isn’t confirmed to actually be from Ricoh? The video is the cheesiest thing I’ve seen in a long time and I find it hard to believe it is the real thing.

  • Arnoldas Ramonas

    and the price… usual gazillion dollars!

  • Drew Breunig

    You know it’s real from the clunky Japanese → English translation.

  • Duke Shin

    I came.

    The EOS-M and Coolpix A development teams must be crying.

  • madmax

    Out there are a lot of APSC size sensor cameras, but you can´t compare cameras with fixed lenses and interchangeable lens cameras. Also it is not the same an integrated or an external optional viewfinder. Or fast or slow lenses. This Ricoh camera is only the smallest APSC with a fixed focal lens and without viewfinder.

  • pithicool

    It’s a new niche on the market…it’s normal and sad that they’re exploring it with high prices

  • De

    Which would make it the smallest APS-C camera..? The only reason to argue these technicalities would be if you didn’t have the smallest camera, but have an interchangeable lens or integrated viewfinder.

  • Y

    The more I watch this video, the more I think this is fake. Can APS-C made to that small a body? Would this be someone’s weekend special video project, practical jokes?

  • Igor Ken

    it looks like an amazing camera, I hope it will be affordable… like, under 1k$

  • Igor Ken

    Looks like you are right. Even if the product shots and videos are done pretty well and look like the real deal, the video sounds sooooo cheesy that I also find it almost impossible to be a video from Ricoh… unless they’ve chosen a marketing project done by a intern who is an 18 year old girl xD

  • Ingemar Smith

    Or if you are a photographer that likes changing focal length. That could be a reason as well.

  • Richard Ford

    I will still use my GR1s as that is full frame and has a viewfinder.

  • Markus Arike

    When you have class leading IQ like the Coolpix A, very few cameras will bring the development team to tears.

  • Eddie Smith

    looks pretty cool, likely the same sensor as the Nikon (and for that matter the Pentax K5 and Nikon 7100)

    Price announced at $800 so way lower than the nikon. Video looks mediocre but otherwise looks very capable. And apparently an optional VF for 250 coming (@00 less than a similar Nikon VF)
    Very tempting