Clever Ad Tells the Love Story of a Photog and an Olympus Camera

Creativity and humor score big points with consumers. That’s why photographers, camera companies and camera stores alike often employ one or both to get their customers’ attention. Some of what we’ve seen in the past includes James Hodgins’ Crappy Vs Snappy, Olympus’ ziplock bags of walnuts, and Schick’s razor photo fad.

The above video by Canada’s The Camera Store is another prime example. Instead of making a bland announcement, they decide to film this fun and funny ‘love story’ to let their customers know the store will once again be carrying Olympus brand cameras.

The video shows The Camera Store’s Chris Niccolls having a conversation with Evelyn Drake as an Olympus OM-D, discussing their history and their potential future. Some highlights include Niccolls explaining that he “just wasn’t that attracted to [Olympus] during that awkward SLR phase,” and Olympus getting upset at all the brands they’ve cheated on her with.


Yes, it’s cheesy, but we would bet The Camera Store will reach more people and score quite a few more brownie points this way than they would have if they had simply put out a bland press release. Check out the full video at the top to get your chuckle in for the night.

(via 43 Rumors)

P.S. We’ve shared a number of The Camera Store’s humorous videos in the past, including one of the Canon EOS M crashing the mirrorless party and the viral Battle of F-Stop Ridge video.

  • The all mighty one

    “Did you lose your mirror? You’re so sleek, you’re so compact”

  • Dave

    This was cute. I am wondering why they had an Ikelite logo placement in the beginning. It looked deliberate. Ikelite being an underwater photo equipment manufacturer, why would the logo be on the store window? Maybe Ikelite paid for the ad……

  • evad

    nope, that’s stupid and makes no sense

  • Dave

    Maybe you can explain the obvious placement of the logo then?

  • evad

    camera stores often have camera brand logo’s on the outside, in the opening shot there are large signs for sony and pentax next to the camera store sign, and in the next shot there is a ikelite sticker on the door, also part of a lacie sticker

  • evad

    also why would ikelite pay for it, just a stupid idea

  • Dave

    The same way any endorsement works: You display our logo, we pay for the ad. You know, sports, NASCAR, Pepsi, Corn flakes, everything? Trolling around and calling people stupid is one thing. Actually showing your stupidity as you have done is pretty spectacular. Kudos, you are the king.

  • evad

    your ignorance amazes me, its just a sticker on a door for 2 seconds in a web video, if you think ikelite is paying you are really stupid

  • Dave

    Look, you clearly have a hardon for me, with the backward spelled name and nothing significant said in any of your posts. Having a stalker is kind of flattering. I just wish I had an intelligent one. Maybe one day………

  • Kaveh Moravej

    Don’t worry Olympus, even though those boastful temptresses Canon and Nikon, kept flashing their ‘full frames’ at us, many of us could always see your inner beauty.

  • JordanDrake

    I shot the video and wish I was smart enough to get paid product placement. The sticker happened to be there and I liked the composition of that shot, so I kept it in. Those stickers are tough to get off once they’re on.

  • Dave

    Thank you for the civilized answer.

  • Mike

    Pardon my ignorance, but who is Evelyn Drake?

  • Gord

    Thank you for the insane conspiracy theory about a sticker.

  • Dave

    You again. Your stalking is getting a little weird. You should have that looked at.

  • Gord

    Me again? There are more than a few people who think your comment was a bit crazy bro. I just read this article today.

  • Samuel

    This is the only advert i’ve ever seen that made me want to use a particular brand… i still won’t but i thought about it.